Road Trip: The Freedom of Hiring a Camper Van for your Holidays

Once seen as an older persons style of holidaying, since the rise of the festival and the sight of celebrities camping in old, beautifully restored VW Campervans, the stigma of driving around in any type of ‘house on wheels’ has diminished. And with luxury camp sites springing up, a new kind of traveller has emerged, one that wants to explore the open road but with a few basic luxuries thrown in as well. Gone are the days when you used to see old aged pensioners stepping out of their motorhome, nowadays you are more likely to see trendy couples enjoying a romantic break by the sea  or glamming it up at Glastonbury. So where do you start if you want to hire one and what are the costs involved?

Our favourite for all you VW fans out there has to be the amazing camper4hire.co.uk website. With seven immaculately restored campervans, all from the 1960’s and 1970’s, complete with their original interiors, these vans are individually named ( Van Gogh, Van Outen, Van Halen etc)  and are available all year round. They are located in the Midlands and you can take their VW vans all over the UK and thanks to their  special insurance you can have as many drivers as you like. Prices start from around £390 for a week in January to £600 for peak season. And even the celebrities have hired these vans, Al Murray booked one for his daughters and gave a rave review.

For those who fancy a little more luxury and space, check out motorholme.co.uk. This site has a great range of the latest motorhomes for hire for a weekend away or longer. What I like about this site is that the motorhomes are situated all over the UK and with the easy to navigate site, all you do is click on the UK map for your location and a list of vans pops up, making it easy to choose a location near you to pick the van up from. Select a 2,34 or 5 berth van and then email the company with your details and how long you want to hire it for and they will send you a quote via email. Many of their vans have a TV, DVD, Freeview, cutlery, crockery, oven, fully integrated kitchen, luxury washroom, hotel quality interiors and comfy beds. Fully winter proofed, insulated and double glazed, along with gas fired central heating as standard. We got a quote for 4 days and 3 nights for £699.

Finally, if you want to make a statement whilst you are travelling, have a look at wickedcampers.co.uk for their highly painted campervans in bright graffiti style colours. Their reliable campervans are the best value for money and available to rent in the UK and Europe and they will beat any like for like quote. All their campervans have been specifically modified to provide up to 5 people with all the comfort and amenities, making them ideal for budget conscious travellers who want to do a UK or European Van Tour. The website has an amazing feature which allows you to look inside all the vans and booking is simple. Plus they have a wicked deal on right now with selected vans at just £1 for a weeks hire! I feel a road trip coming on!

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