Rio’s new shoe collection

They say you can tell a lot from the type of shoes a man wears, so maybe the more fashion-conscious males will invest in a

Rio’s new Autumn-Winter shoe range is called Five

Rio’s new Autumn-Winter shoe range is called Five

new pair of shoes from Rio Ferdinand’s recently launched shoe collection.

Rio’s new Autumn/Winter shoe range is called ‘Five’, with the name being a direct result of his shirt number. The shoes within the range are expected to be stocked predominantly in shops in Manchester, as Rio wants them to be available to the people in his own city. However, he’s also looking at stocking shops outside of the Manchester area with his shoes, too.

Supposedly being inspired by the rugged work wear look, as well as the 60’s motorcycle trend, the shoe collection is made up of a variety of brogues and boots, with each pair having the brand logo on the side, making them instantly recogniseable as being a product by Rio.

Rio’s new Autumn-Winter Shoe

Rio’s new Autumn-Winter Shoe

The shoes range in price from £60 to £190, so there’s something for every budget, and with a range of manbags and wallets recently being launched, too, Rio’s definitely got it all going on.

Rio Ferdinand shot to fame after playing professional football, and now at the age of 32 years old, he’s carved a great career for himself. Rather than simply playing professional football though, he’s becoming more and more involved in other projects, such as this new accessories range. He’s also been involved in television, films and music. In 2005, he set up a music label with his friend, called White Chalk Music, which so far has two artists signed to it. One of these artists released an album in late 2010, which includes a song with Rio rapping.

Now deemed as someone who is not only a professional footballer, but a fashion icon, too, Rio’s confidence sees him pretty much get exactly what he wants, easily bridging the gap between football and fashion. Whether attending a formal or informal event, Rio always looks immaculately stylish, consequently being idolised by many males and fancied by many females. With his new range of accessories, those who like the way he dresses can now grab a piece and look just like him.

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