Rinser Toothbrush An Invention Too Far?

You can just imagine the crys of ‘I’m out!’ by the Dragons in the Den if they ever saw this invention from US designer – Scott Amron. Also the phrase ‘Only in America’ springs to mind as the most ridiculous invention of the 21st century was unveiled last week. The toothbrush has been reinvented and now there is one that squirts water up into your mouth.

It promises a whole ‘new way to get water into our mouths for rinsing out toothpaste suds after brushing,’ all because ‘people love water fountains.’ It is pure genius, ahem. No more trying to stick your head under the tap, none of this searching around with a mouthful of toothpaste reaching for a beaker of water to rinse; this toothbrush does away with all that bother. An all in one water fountain and brush, that tiresome task of rinsing after brushing has finally been solved.

If I sound a tad sarcastic, I am only echoing the views from most people who have seen this invention and think it is a waste of time. The designer, Amron, states that the toothbrush will save people from straining their necks over a sink or basin, and will revolutionise the way people brush their teeth in the future.

The $22 toothbrushes are designed to send a squirt of water up into your mouth after you have brushed and it has apparently won some awards. Called the Rinser toothbrush, it works by being filled with water as it is held under a running tap. It also comes with a replacement brush head that can simply replace the existing one, meaning the brush does not need to be totally replaced every few months.

The New York designer is trying to raise enough money currently to begin manufacturing in November, and is taking preorders via his website. If you are interested in buying into his dream, you can get a discount if you go large and order 900 of the brushes for $9500. Those who really fancy themselves as making a wad of money can actually buy original prototype for $3800. I’m surprised Lord Sugar has not spotted this and got involved.

The product has not been received quite as well Amron would have wanted it to, as comments from a recent article in the Daily Mail on the brush have not been complimentary. One user stated ‘Only in America could someone waste so much time on inventing something take us one more step to being completely idle!!!!’ With others saying pretty much the same thing.

Here are a selection: ‘Strange. I have always used my hand to cup some water and rinse out my mouth. And you can take your hand wherever you go!’ ‘What ever happened to just using a glass????’ ‘You absolutely should not rinse if you want your teeth to last. In effect this is a toothbrush that is bad for teeth – great.’ ‘There is a device called a ‘glass’ which has been around for quite a while now. Does pretty much the same thing.’

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