Rihanna scores a hit with designers at LFW

RihannaIt was billed as one of the most anticipated shows of London Fashion Week, and Rihanna certainly did not disappoint the designers with her debut collection for River Island. The singer kept the press and media waiting for almost a hour in windy conditions, outside a London warehouse, but the show soon started and Rihanna the designer was born.

Her debut collection featured cropped tops, double denim jeans, neon brights and thigh splitting skirts. And whilst pundits on the floor were impressed, the early signs from her fans and peers suggest that they are not that keen on her designing skills.

And to be honest, I could understand some of the criticism. The collection, at first glance, seems a little dated. Rihanna and ‘street’ go hand in hand with each other, but try wearing any of these outfits on the street and you’d get laughed to the kerb.

Many of the pieces in her collection featured crop tops, which unless you have a washboard stomach, you are going to look ridiculous in. And as for the thigh splitting skirts and maxi dresses, where would you wear those?

The double denim jeans look like a manufacturing mistake, and the black tops and skirts are shapeless and franky boring. The whole collection looks like a first year design student has put together a collection for a bare pass mark.

Where are the edgy designs that ape Rihanna’s own quirky and risque style? Where are the wearable clothes that her fans could have bought to copy their favourite singer?

It seems to me that in order to impress the fashion pundits and big labels, Rihanna has made one of the most typical school boy errors; she has designed a bunch of clothes that no one can actually wear.

Copyright: ATI, and PA

Copyright: ATI, and PA

Why not use her unique sense of fashion and come up with distinctly different designs, but ones that look instantly like Rihanna’s style, but that are also wearable? That’s the problem. It’s all very well designing a collection, and getting the murmured approval from the big designers, but to actually create something that shouts out your personal style, and that people can wear is a whole new ball game.

Victoria Beckham had the same issues when she first started out. Designing ridiculous boat shaped dresses that flattered no one. But now she has realised that women want to show off their figure and yet wear a dress that has a signature look. Victoria’s red gown with the now infamous exposed zip was one of the most worn dresses in 2012, with stars such as Katherine Jenkins and Jessica Ennis both donning the frock. Now they wouldn’t have worn it if it did not flatter them.

Copyright: WireImage

Copyright: WireImage

And this is something that Rihanna has yet to learn. Yes you can be ‘out there’ and funky, yes you can re-invent the dress/jeans/playsuit, but make sure your fans and peers can actually wear the stuff. Otherwise what’s the point?

And if you think I’m being harsh, some comments so far about her collection include:

Tacky. Just tacky.

I was hoping to like this collection but it is a bit trashy.

Don’t understand why everyone thinks she’s pretty

Its all awful and very cheap 90s looking.


Hmm… It’s okay. Nothing exciting. It’s okay. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Meh…

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