Rihanna Perfume Rebelle Tops Fragrance Charts!

You’d think that UK consumers would flock to buy homegrown talent such as Victoria Beckham, but Barbados born Rihanna is proving us wrong, as sales of her second perfume – Rebelle have shown. It may be the scent, it may be the singers rebellious nature, who knows, but women seem to want to smell like the saucy songstress and they has pushed her fragrance into the top spot, making her the fastest selling celebrity prefume, and breaking UK records. Rihanna has sold so many bottles of the Rebelle fragrance that she is expected to have sold at least 4 million bottles by the end of this year, and she is already beating firm celebrity fragrance favourites such as Britney, Beyonce and our very own Victoria Beckham.

The Rebelle fragrance was launched back in February of this year and at the time Rihanna said, “My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady. There’s a feminine, romantic element to the fragrance – but there’s also a defiant quality in it. I love its duality.” The prefume has already sold over 2 million bottles. The celebrity fragrance market is notoriously competitive but Rihanna is currently outselling such artists as Britney Spears (Midnight Fantasy), Jennifer Lopez (Glow), Beyonce (Heat) and Victoria Beckham (Intimately Beckham for her), who typically hold the top spots for celebrity scents. Rebelle comes in a conical bottle shaped as a stiletto heel and is designed to ‘to capture the the warmth of the Carribbean sun, reflecting Barbados-born Rihanna’s roots, but also the whirl of her present-day life’.

The actual scent is a refreshing and fruity smell of strawberries, ripe plums, ginger, cacao absolute, with base notes of vanilla orchid and heliotrope. The campaign for Rebelle was shot by Rihanna’s favourite music video director Anthony Mandler. Mandler has worked with Rihanna since 2006 on dozens on her music videos but was bought to the Rebelle promotion to make the photography dramatic, daring and a little sexy. The first of Rihanna’s perfumes called Reb’l Fleur, was released last year, and was an attempt to show a more restrained and sweeter side after she received much criticism for her provocative image. Not content with two perfumes, Rihanna is set to release her third fragrance as as most celebrities do, she announced the news on Twitter, tweeting, ‘I got a big shoot tomorrow for a surprise fragrance for my ladies called…NUDE!’ Her fans are wondering what shape the bottle for NUDE will be!

Rihanna is also collaborating with River Island and making her first foray into fashion designing by creating a new clothes range for them. She described the project as ‘fulfilling a dream’ and spoke about the up and coming project on her official website, ‘I find London really inspiring and River Island loves to have fun with clothes. I’m looking forward to working with them and creating something really special.’ The collection will be hitting stores in time for spring next year.

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