Rihanna in New Modelling Campaign for Armani

You might remember Rihanna’s last campaign for Armani in 2011, you should do, it won awards and everything! The daring pictures of the Barbados lovely, draping herself over the back leather seats of a blacked out car, wearing only a bra and pants, were voted the best of 2011 in a poll of advertising industry executives by U.S. magazine ‘Advertising Age’. In that ad shoot, she wore a pretty, blonde cropped bob but no surprises here, as she changes her hair as regularly as we change our bed sheets, she now is sporting a brunette layered look.

The 2011 campaign was such a runaway success that Armani have asked her back again for their new Spring and Summer collection. And the singer is in just as good a shape as she was for the first campaign, well she would need to be as the outfits are skimpy to say the least. Showing off her incredible physique, Rihanna can be seen in a number of poses. In one she is lying on her side, wearing a bra and pants set with her arm behind her head in a most seductive pose. The next shot sees her in a satin slip and pants set, holding her hair and looking at the camera in a more coquettish way. In the third shot we see a more saucy Rihanna, as she shows off her pert buns in a pair of striped monochrome shorts and a denim jacket. Finally a lounging Rihanna looks over her shoulder coquettishly at the camera in a pair of tight denims.

Perhaps there is a deliberate attempt on Rihanna’s part to tone down her raunchy image as these pictures definitely portray a softer, more seductive side of the 23 year old singers character. Her first Armani campaign showed her looking much more edgy and sexed up. Although these four pictures have just been released by Armani, Rihanna is actually enjoying a well earned break in Hawaii at present. If reports are to be believed, she is having maybe too much of a relaxed time as pictures have emerged of the singer smoking what look to be like a rather large hand made rolled up cigarette after an exercise session. She was seen smoking a similar cigarette later on that day when she went for a swim in the ocean. Naughty Rihanna!

The photographs for the new Spring and Summer Armani campaign were shot by Steven Klein, who also photographed the Autumn/Winter campaign. To view any of the pieces worn by Rihanna, visit Armani site.

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