We Review the Perfect Pair of Tights from HEIST

We Review the Perfect Pair of Tights from HEIST

If like me, you struggle to find the perfect pair of tights, then a British company called Heist might just have made your day. Heist claim that they have made the perfect pair of tights, so we set out to test them, and let you know what we think.

Heist state that they concentrated on four key areas when they set out to create their perfect tights:

  1. Waistbands
  2. Yarn
  3. Seamless design
  4. Attention to details

heist tights


They looked at typical waistbands that pinch, pull, dig in and move around when you wear tights. Heist waistbands are designed using a luxury sportswear technique, so the band adapts to your waist, not against it. There are two waistband types available, low which sit on your hips, or high to hug your waist.


Heist then chose the best yarn which is super-soft and stretchy and feature around 5000 spirals of nylon which are wound round every inch of elastane (typically tights have about 500 spirals). The high 5000 thread count means the tights are incredibly strong and soft at the same time.

Seamless Design

Heist tights do not have a gusset, and for good reason, that aggravating seamed area in the middle of your tights is probably the most tricky part of the design to get comfortable for a wide range of woman. Heist didn’t even bother trying, they removed the whole thing. Instead they have used a 3D technique to create a single pair of tights with no gusset and no seams.

Obsessive Detailing

Heist say that they have redesigned the ordinary pair of tights from seam to waistband and as such, have created the perfect pair. The company looked at every little detail and changed it if it didn’t work. For instance, the uncomfortable toe seam is now tucked under the foot. This stops laddering as well as being easier to wear.

heist tights

Heist tights come in a range of different styles, including 18 denier nude, 30 denier sheer, 50 denier opaque and 80 denier jet black. Prices are from £19 for a low waistband and £21 for a high waistband and sizes start from UK4 to a UK20-24.

heist tights

So what do they feel like to actually wear? I tried a size 12-14 nude in a high-waistband and my first reaction was the lovely packaging that they arrived in (these things matter when you are forking out £21 for a pair of tights!)

As someone who likes to feel a little ‘pulled in’ around the waist, I really liked the way the waistband felt, as it seemed to control me but not in a tight bodycon sort of way.

The tights went on very easily and I really appreciated the lack of gusset, which, in the past, has put me off wearing tights as I am constantly pulling them up. The seamless style looked great under my clothes and for someone who doesn’t wear tights very often, I would definitely buy a couple of other pairs in different colours.

If you would like more information about Heist tights, you can visit their website here.

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