Revealed: Which brands Generation D thinks are super cool

Apple, Playstation, Xbox and YouTube are rated as some of the coolest brands by Britain’s Tweenagers.

In a new survey carried out among eight to 14-year-olds by specialist kids and family research company, The Pineapple Lounge, which is part of major consumer research agency, Firefish, tech, games and entertainment brands dominate the top cool names for this age group.

Brands like Blackberry, Moshi Monsters, Lego and CBBC also feature among the top 20. But sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas, which are often associated with leading sports stars also appear, as do the big names in food and drink, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Cadbury.

Defined as Generation D, this is a unique generation that has never known life without the internet and is bombarded by multimedia images every day. The research was carried out to discover what drives this generation’s sense of cool and to ultimately develop a formula for coolness.

It is likely the findings will be used by companies keen to attract tweenagers who, according to earlier research, are the group with the fastest-rising spending power on the High Street. The tweenage market has developed as teenage behaviour is copied by younger age groups, who want their own fashion brands and aspire to increasing sophistication.

Founder of The Pineapple Lounge, Emma Worrollo, said: “Lots of brands are cool, but we wanted to know what pushes brands that little bit further into super cool territory.

“All the brands have one thing in common – they offer kids a social experience, either directly through the product or through the peer to peer social experience the brand offers.”

Worrollo and her team identified a number of key drivers that make a brand supercool, the most significant of which is neat, sleek designs. “Generation D are used to interacting with touch screens, digital interfaces and innovative gaming consoles. As a result, their expectations about the way things look are high and their eye for design is far more attuned than previous generations. If a brand has neat, sleek design it is more than twice as likely to be rated as a supercool brand,” added Worrollo.

Standing out from the crowd is also an important driver of cool to Generation D as is the ability of brands to evolve and offer new things all the time. Humour is also a powerful tool that can boost a brand’s cool rating – a brand that make young consumers laugh is 60% more likely to be rated as a supercool brand.

Worrollo says that understanding perceptions of coolness among this group is not just significant for brands competing for their attention now, “it’s also indicative of how young people are learning to consume and is shaping thinking about the types of adult consumers they will grow up to be.”

The research was carried out with over 2,000 eight to 14-year-olds across the UK. Here are the top 20 coolest brands according to Generation D

1. Apple     
2. Playstation 3     
3. Xbox 360     
4. YouTube     
5. Blackberry     
6. Wii 
7. htc         
8. Nike     
9. Moshi Monsters 
10. Lego 

11. adidas 
12. facebook 
13. Coca-Cola 
14. McDonald’s 
15. Google 
16. Cadbury 
17. Disney 
18. Nickelodeon 
19. cbbc 
20. Cartoon Network

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