Rest Your Weary Head: 10 of the Best Pillows

I like a hard one that keeps its shape throughout the night and doesn’t get too hot. I’m talking about pillows of course and we all have different needs when it comes to cushioning our heads as we sleep away the days troubles.

My other half swears by a softer pillow that he can sleep with his face fully submerged into the middle of it, whilst as I sleep on my side, I need one that really supports my back and neck, otherwise I’ll be paying for it the next day. To see what pillow you would need, check out our best ten:

To be placed inside GOSA VIDE for added comfort and support. The height, 9 cm, of this pillow is adapted for you who prefer sleeping on your side.

The shape and the temperature and weight sensitive foam filling moulds to your body; provides good support so you can relax during sleep. Buy from Ikea.

Quilted companion pillow with 100% cotton cover and 100% polyester filling for extra support when sitting up in bed. Non-allergenic. Pillowcases (605 51527 and 605 51627) available separately.

Material is 100% cotton with 100% polyester filling. Washing Instructions Machine washable at 40°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

The Serenity Deluxe is a slimmer latex pillow for those who prefer shallower, softer support or who like to sleep on two pillows. It comes complete with a removable, zipped, knitted cotton/polyester cover for extra hygiene.

Size 43 x 64cm. The Serenity Deluxe pillow has the following features: Natural latex pillow, whitecotton / polyester cover, always keeps shape, healthy comfort, gently resilient, washable, beneficial to allergy sufferers. Available from johnlewis.com.

4. John Lewis – 3 Way Memory Foam - £45This 3 way pillow has all the usual benefits of a memory foam pillow but with 3 different profiles to suit the sleeper. On one side there is a large contour for side sleepers and a shallow profile for back sleepers, while the other side is plain for stomach sleepers.

The Memory Foam core moulds and cradles the head and neck, giving comfort and support and helping give you a better night’s sleep. This non-allergenic pillow comes with a luxurious velour dotted, zipped cover.

Standard size, W48cm x L74cm. Material is 100% visco elastic foam with 75% cotton, 25% polyester outer cover. Washing Instructions Cover, machine washable at 40°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

This pillow is made from 100% British wool with a soft, 100% cotton outer case. The unique natural properties of wool resist dust mites, making these pillows suitable for allergy sufferers – a great alternative to polyester and other synthetic fibres.

Devon Duvets wool pillows are also a sustainable product, as the animal is reared solely for its wool and returns to the pasture after shearing. The wool is not bleached or chemically treated during any stage of its processing.

W48 x L74cm. Material is 100% wool.Pillow Size Standard.Washing Instructions Machine washable (wool setting). Available from johnlewis.com.

The Traditional Pillow provides TEMPUR® comfort and support in a more traditional pillow design. It is made from a patented TEMPUR envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR micro-cushions, which provide the plush comfort you want whilst maintaining the pressure relief.

Cover is removable and washable. Dust mite and allergen-resistant. Dimensions L74 x W50cm (including cover). Material is 70% cotton with 30% polyester cover. Washing Instructions Cover machine washable at 60°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

This pillow is made with a specially developed TEMPUR® Extra Soft (ES) material, to provide an innovative balance of softness and support. Ideal for those who want the support that TEMPUR can offer with a softer pillow feel.

Cover is removable and washable. Dust mite and allergen-resistant. Dimensions L70 x W50cm (including cover). Filling Visco elastic. Material Cover, 100% cotton. Pillow Size Standard.Washing Instructions Cover, machine washable at 40°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

  • Gingerlily – 100% Silk Filled – £99

A firm pillow made from 100%, ‘A’ grade mulberry silk, to support your head and neck. Gingerlily pillows are made using the same techniques as the duvets, therefore offering the same great health benefits.

Each pillow is delivered with a protective sateen cotton cover. W50 x L75cm.

About silk: Silk is the ultimate breathable material: it heps regulate your body temperature so you stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

It is also 100% natural, hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites making it especially suitable for allergy sufferers. Silk also contains amino acids, helping hair retain its moisture, keeping it shiny and smooth and has been attributed with helping to keep facial lines at bay.

Material 100% silk. Pillow Size Standard. Washing Instructions Spot clean only. Available from johnlewis.com.

The soft Tempur® material formula used for the Symphony Pillow harmonises perfectly with the dual-sided design to provide you with a soft, yet supportive pillow to suit most sleeping positions.

Cover is removable and washable. Dust mite and allergen-resistant. Dimensions H63 x W43 x D14 cm. Material Visco Elastic, with 70% cotton, 30% polyester outer cover. Washing Instructions Cover machine washable at 60°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

The Winter Snow Goose lives in the remote glacial Altai mountain region in Russia. The large down clusters selected for this soft, light pillow is from the thickest of its 3 winter coats.

The outer case is made from 100% cotton. This premium pillow is exclusive to John Lewis. Standard pillow 50cm x 75cm. Kingsize pillow 48 x 90cm. Washing Instructions Professional laundering wet clean only at 40°C. Available from johnlewis.com.

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