Reebok launches heat-to-fit running shoes with U-Form+ technology

There have been several innovations regarding running shoes in recent years, including the ToPo split toe trainer and the Vibram Five Fingers, but none have featured a technology where you heat up the actual shoe, in order to create an exact fit, until now.


Reebok have today released their U-Form running shoe, which they say will enable runners to create the perfect fitting shoe, and it is all to do with the new material inside the trainer. The ‘shrink-to-fit’ running shoes look like normal trainers but they come with special instructions which tells the consumer exactly what to do, once they have purchased them.


Reebok suggests that you hold a hairdryer about 10cm away from the trainer for around two minutes. You will know when the trainer has come to the correct heat because a button on the heel on the shoe will turn bright red. At this point the trainers will begin to shrink to the exact measurements of your foot, making them a bespoke custom made pair of shoes.

And for anyone who has ever worn ill-fitting running shoes, and suffered the agonies of breaking in a pair of new trainers, this could prove to be a godsend.


The trainers are similar to another shoe released by Reebok, in which runners would have to place the shoes into an oven to heat them up to the required temperature, for at least three minutes. But Reebok think that by using a hairdryer, it is a much simpler way of obtaining the necessary heat without complicating the method.

The material is situated inside the shoe and starts at the mid foot area, wrapping itself round to the heel. When you heat the shoe up, it must be off your foot at the time, then once it has reached the desired temperature, you quickly place it on your foot, making sure you have laced it up tightly, and then leave it on for eight minutes to allow it to shrink to the correct size.


Reebok say that as the material is secured around the foot by the lacing system, as soon as the show is laced, it is locked down around your foot and heel. Then it fits around the foot in an exact match of the shape of your foot, allowing a perfect fit and helping to improve your running performance.

As the button turns red to indicate the correct temperature of the shoes, they should not be too hot when you put them on. Reebok suggest that you remain in a seated position while the shoes are cooling down, as this allows the shoes to shrink in the optimum position to allow maximum support to your feet, ankles and leg muscles.

The Reebok U-Form shoes are available in both men and women’s sizes and cost £100.

To find out more information, visit Reebok.

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