8 Recycling Bins to Help You Organise your Rubbish and Recycling

If you have been inspired by the recent David Attenborough programmes about reducing plastic waste, you are not alone. Statistics suggest that the use of single-use plastic bags has fallen by a whopping 57% since the naturalist mentioned them last year. But there’s always more we can do. And that’s where recycling bins are handy. They not only remind you to separate your plastic recycling from your normal rubbish, but they make it easier for you to get into the habit of recycling.

Here are the top recycling bins for every kind of household, whether you are a single person or a large family.

Homebase Stainless Steel Pedal Double Bin, 30L: £29.99

Recycling Bins

If you just want a regular bin that does what it says on the can, this one from Homebase ticks all the boxes. Two 15L compartments with separate pedals and lids which you can use for normal rubbish and recycling or, if you already have a waste bin, use them both for different kinds of recycling.

EKO Ecocasa Recycling Pedal Bin, 45L: £129.99

Recycling BinsThree compartments for different types of recycling and a few cool features in this recycling bin which is why many customers gave it a 5-star review. Fingerprint-resistant and a lid that stays up then closes softly. Colour-coded bins with bin liner stabilisers to keep them in place. Bins hold more than you think. Good for larger families with a modern kitchen that want a recycling bin that fits in with the décor.

Beldray Two-Section Recycling Pedal Bin, 30L: £36.99

Recycling Bins

There are two compartments in this recycling bin which makes it ideal for a single person who is serious about recycling. It’s also a good price if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bin. Two colour-coded bins lift out easily and we like the matching coloured pedals so you don’t forget which bin is for which type of recycling.

Hahn Cubek Recycle 4 Bin in Ivory: £209.99

Recycling Bins

What we love the most about this recycling bin is that it doesn’t look anything like a recycling bin. Strictly for the aesthetically conscious amongst you. It includes four bins that pull down and the bins themselves are odour-proof. Yes, it is a bit expensive but we found the Emporium Cookshop selling it the cheapest.

Lakeland Slimline Interlocking Recycle Kitchen Waste Bin – White, 25L: £16.99 each

Recycling Bins

The price is for one recycling bin but we have got a picture of three together to show you how they interlock with each other. They are slim but nice and tall which gives you the capacity. They come with coloured stickers for identification purposes and have many 5-star reviews from happy customers. We think these would look best in a garage or utility room.

Kitchen Master Recycle Bin, 40L: £59.99

Recycling Bins

You get two bins with soft close lids and sturdy pedals on the Kitchen Master. The whole bin is a sturdy affair and won’t succumb to knocks or dents. There’s a handy carry handle at the back and it is super-easy to keep clean.

Simplehuman Butterfly Recycler, 40 L: Was £175.00 now £164.99

Recycling Bins

An award-winning recycle bin here that is designed to fit into small spaces and under worktops. It’s called the ‘butterfly recycler’ because the lid opens up like a pair of butterfly wings. This is so you can position it under work surfaces without rolling it out to open the lids. Two containers inside of 20-litre capacity each. Perfect for a single person.

Joseph Joseph Totem 60 Stone Waste Separation & Recycling Unit: Was £199.99 now £149.99

Recycling Bins

The complete package here from Joseph Joseph. A recycling and waste bin all rolled into one. You’ve got a large 36-litre bin for rubbish, a divided bin for recycling and a food caddy for kitchen waste. The lid has an odour filter. The inner buckets are removable and the stainless steel exterior is fingerprint proof.


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