Recycled running shoes Crosskix hit the road

It seems that nothing is offlimits when it comes to recycling these days, but one area that remained relatively untouched from this phenomena was trainers, and more specifically – running shoes. Not any more, as one entrepreneur has come up with a running shoe that is made from the same material that the infamous Crocs of the noughties were manufactured with.

RIO - Crosskix

RIO – Crosskix

The compound ELA is a soft foam composite that forms itself to a wearer’s feet and according to a number of podiatrists, can offer benefits to the wearer. Invented by Eric Saligumba, who has launched the new style running shoe on the fund raising site Kickstarter, Saligumba says that he has spent a considerable time working on the trainers. Saligumba is one of many who do not particularly love the look of Crocs, but think that the material could be the key to a great running shoe.

Trailblazer - Crosskix

Trailblazer – Crosskix

He said: ‘Let’s face it….there is really ONLY one brand out there that dominates the EVA (soft foam composite) footwear category. We all know who that is. But if you’re like MANY other folks, you’ve probably have said to yourself…”they’re comfortable, but I wouldn’t be caught with them on!” ‘


And Saligumba says that his Crosskix shoes are not only for running, he wants them to be multipurpose and a more functional shoe that ‘everyone can proudly wear for multiple uses’.

Crosskix list the advantages of their running shoes as follows:

  • multiple uses – leisure, recreation, casual, and work
  • stylish AIR VENTS throughout to keep your feet cool & dry
  • soft and contour footbed for a comfortable fit
  • strategically located water vents for use IN and OUT of the water
  • PRE and POST foot recovery features (after playing sports)
  • EASY cleaning
  • 100% RECYCLABLE – for playgrounds, track & field, basketball courts, etc.
different images showing the make up of Crosskix RIO shoe

different images showing the make up of Crosskix RIO shoe

Crosskix shoes are made using three separate components and available in a huge range of colours, from black, pink, white, yellow, blue and grey. You can also accessorise your Crosskix with additional add ons called Crossbits.

Different layer of Crosskix RIO shoe

Different layer of Crosskix RIO shoe

The shoes are ideal for runners as they feature air and water drain holes which is perfect for allowing air to circulate and provides ventilation. As there are water drainage holes, this means that you can wear the shoes in wet weather, when it’s raining, along the beach or in the shower after a run for example.

Crosskix advantages

The footbed of the Crosskix shoes are contoured and soft which the makers say is particularly beneficial for the after-sport care of your feet. And best of all, they are 100 per cent recyclable, when your pair of Crosskix have worn out, simply send them back and receive a 15 per cent discount off your next pair.

For more information look them up on Kickstarter.

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