Recycle Now Week 20th – 26th June: What Can You Do?

Green Bin

This week is the National Recycle Now Week; an annual week of nationwide recycling promotions. Recycle Now is all about raising awareness of how we can best reuse and recycle in an effort to stop sending rubbish to landfills. They have a great website – recyclenow.com in which they give tips on how to start recycling in the home, garden, school or office. This week they have teamed up with Keep Britain Tidy as part of a national campaign called the Big Tidy Up, to tidy up the streets of local areas. You can get involved in this and organise your own tidy up by logging onto the site and registering. Tidying up streets requires a group effort but there are many things you can do as an individual.

At home you can keep a vegetable cuttings bin and when it is full you can transfer them to an outside compost bin. Landfills are full of rotting vegetables and yet they make amazing, free compost for your garden after only about 6 to 9 months. Save water by sharing a bath or using ‘grey water’, this is water from washing up, to water house plants or garden plants. Grey water can be used to water any plant you are not going to eat at a later date. Install a water butt to save water and use this to water vegetables. Plastic containers such as yoghurt pots can be used to grow seedlings and plastic drinks bottles can cut in half and made into bird feeders.

At work let everyone know you are starting a recycling drive by using the free posters Recycle Now  are giving away here. If you are going to start collecting cans and plastic or glass bottles for recycling, check to see if you can find a recycling service provider who will collect your items. Remember to position recycling containers in a convenient place, so it’s as easy to recycle as it is to throw things away. Collect for charity too! Old mobile phones, computer equipment, stamps and printer cartridges can all help to raise precious funds for charities.

There are lots of other ways to make sure we only use what we need and what we don’t need does not get thrown away. Make sure you wash out jars and bottles in old washing up water and don’t forget shampoo and bubble bath bottles in the bathroom. Old paint can be donated to a charity, communityrepaint.org.uk  as can unwanted clothes, gifts and furniture, uk.freecycle.org/

So remember Recycle Now’s motto – reuse, reduce and recycle and look out for events near you this week and get involved in tidying up your world.

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