Readying the Cupboards for a Successful Halloween

Halloween is on its way; in twelve more days, the trick-or-treaters will be at your door and your own children will be itching to dress up, or help you scare door-knockers witless! But had you considered restocking your supplies before the day?

A very simple treat to give out every year is pre-packed candy. Simply go to a nearby shop – I like Lidl and Aldi for price, but shops will cater to this need around the holiday – and buy some large bags of sweets. Of course you then empty the bags into a sizeable bowl and before you know it you can either sprinkle some sweets into children’s baskets or let them grab their fill. But there are other options, too. Why not consider those?

If you intend to bake some items at home, you can either use those baked goods to keep your family sweet or give them out as treats. Of course, if you do the latter, you need to be prepared for the fact that some people won’t let their children eat them due to a worry about poisoned foods, but even so it might be a lovely gesture. Baking something at home can also be a wonderful way to help your kids feel involved in Halloween and help them get prepared for the trick-or-treating fun. Especially if you have children who are slightly apprehensive about the ‘scary’ implications of the holiday, this can give them a sense of control.

Buy some Halloween-like cookie cutters. Bats, spider webs, they can all be used. But even plain round or rectangular biscuits can be turned into spooky specimens if you draw on spider legs in black frosting from a tube and stick on a sweetie for the body. In fact, as it is Halloween, don’t feel flavour outweighs look; frosting can allow you to make some truly beautiful baked goods for little money, especially if you make your own runny icing by combining icing sugar with just enough hot water to make a paste. You can easily colour this with food colouring (paste or drops) and even flavour it with mint, vanilla, or other flavourings.

Make sure you stock up on flour, sugar and other baking supplies. Looking for a recipe is a good idea, but if you can wait for the weekend before Halloween I promise to put up a few Halloween-specific recipes so you can bake your heart out in style.

If you want to give the children a special little packet of sweeties, you can package them up in plastic or paper bags. Alternatively, buy some cheap coloured netting from a fabric shop and you can make lovely little parcels. Include non-edible things such as little pencils, marbles and other miniature toys for an instant hit!

While many people complain that Halloween is an American holiday here to ruin everyone’s day, it can be an excuse for tonnes of fun and throwing a themed party for yourself or your children can really make for an exciting evening. If you do intend to throw a party at home, make sure you have plenty of treats. Purpose-baked cupcakes as well as biscuits and other dishes can really enhance the party atmosphere and bring the whole together. Happy Halloween!

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