Reading Material for a Home-made Life

If you’re crafty, like myself, you probably can’t get enough of reading about crafts. I can tell you that I find it difficult to read about anything else, but where can you find materials to read about, tutorials to follow and pictures of other people’s completed crafts to drool over?

One place that’s free and fun is Blogspot.com. Here you can set up an account to keep your own blog, but if you prefer not to write about your crafts you can still ‘follow’ plenty of others. You can check in every day and read new posts by the craftsters you really enjoy, and all for free.

There is quite an expansive crafting community on Blogspot, so you can find people performing practically any craft, people selling wonderful handmade items and even people posting tutorials and showing you exactly how to make the wonderful things they have shown you in the past. It can be very inspiring and you can often find links to shops you’ll enjoy as well as handy tips helping you to tackle difficult bits you’ve struggled with.

As I speak, I am following a blog which is starting an online crocheting course. I’m not paying to read it, but I am learning to crochet from the very ground up with a handy photo guide! If you do find little tricks but can’t quite get your head around them, remember to look for YouTube videos which can help you see how things work in motion and really throw some clarifying light on the situation.

Who knows more about home-baking and cooking than Nigella Lawson? I had never given much thought to buying her cookbooks because cooking isn’t really my thing – as I’ve mentioned before, my husband is the cook in our house! But then I noticed how much baking she does, and how fabulous her baked goods always look, and when my husband inherited one of her books, I suddenly discovered a world of amazement.

Nigella Lawson’s books are written in her gentle, amused voice and you can really enjoy the recipes on an almost conversational level, reading them not as a dry set of instructions but as a combination of family tale and charming anecdote. Not only this; neither my husband nor I have ever come to harm following one of her recipes and everything has always been absolutely delicious. You can find these books at any bookshop worth its salt, and of course online on Amazon and other such places.

Finally, there is the craft goddess herself; Kirstie Allsopp. If you’re into crafts, baking, or in fact anything home-made, whether it be adorably twee or simply gorgeously decorative – her wisdom is the altar at which you worship. But now you could be reading her words of advice and laughing at her mistakes in book form, and I will be doing so sooner rather than later! With a variety of books, including one dedicated to 50 different crafts, you really can’t be too worried about running out of reading material. What are you waiting for?

Craft magazines are all well and good, but waiting for them to come out every month is not my bag. However, if you follow my tips above, you’re sure to be able to fill each day with new and happy articles and books to read!

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