Which is best – a Razor or an Epilator

Summer’s just around the corner and you want soft, smooth legs to die for. But the question is which is best, a razor or an epilator?

Shaving with a Razor

shaving razor - nextnature.net

shaving razor – nextnature.net

Shaving with a razor doesn’t take very long, and produces good results when a shaving cream or lotion is used, too. A razor is most commonly used to shave by women, for their underarms and their legs.

However, by shaving, we are slicing down hair to the level of our skin, and this can result in cutting our legs if we are rushing or if the razor is too sharp. Infections are also common, as are skin irritations, shown by the skin becoming sore and raised.

Persistent irritation like this is called pseudofolliculitis barbae, which is Latin for a barber’s itch, and can only be improved by changing your hair removal technique.

The best razors women can buy are those that are for sensitive skin, and have two blades. The fact that they are for sensitive skin means they will give you the softest shave possible, whilst the two blades will ensure smooth legs are the result of the shave. A two-blade razor is especially good for areas with more hair than the legs, such as the pubic area or the underarms, for example, as double the amount of hair can be removed in one stroke.

Hair Removal using an Epilator

Epilator - Overstock

Epilator – Overstock

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy shaving with a razor, then why not try an epilator? An epilator first become popular several years ago, as it addresses the problems of shaving, aiming to provide better hair removal results. Although different epilators may vary in how they should be used, the general steps are as follows:

  • When using an epilator for the first time, try it out on a non-sensitive area, such as the underarms. This will help you to get used to the feel of it.
  • Epilating after a bath is better, as the skin is more supple, therefore the hair is removed more easily.
  • The epilator should be used on your skin in circular motions, keeping your skin tight. The hair removed is collected in the bottom of the epilator, which is easily removable.
  • Due to the red lumps that can appear when epilating for the first few times, it’s probably best to start off using it at night.
  • Moisturise afterwards, to put the moisture back into your skin.

Whether you prefer using a razor or an epilator to shave, they pretty much both do the same thing, apart from the fact that results last longer when an epilator is used. This is because the hair is pulled out more deeply, consequently taking longer to grow back.

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