Razer Edge Tablet is made for gamers

Gamers who are looking for an innovative and versatile tablet can stop searching now, for the Razer Edge tablet might just be the dream device they have been lusting for.

The Razer Edge tablet is simply a home video game system, with a portable console and gaming PC all in one complete package.

Razer Edge tablet

But don’t be fooled by appearances, as at first glance, the Razer Edge tablet looks like any other device on the market, but look a little closer and you’ll see what has got tech bloggers so excited.

The Razer Edge is a Windows 8 tablet designed to play the latest PC games. The sleek 10 inch tablet packs enough computing power to be the only gaming device you’ll ever need.

With an impressive NVidia graphics card, a powerful Intel Core i5 processor and 64 GB of storage, the Razer Edge tablet costs $1,000 and that’s without any accessories. The difference with the Razer Edge tablet is that it features attachable game controls, and you can also slide it into an HDMI dock, which allows you to play on a television or desktop monitor.

Fork out a cool $1,350 and you’ll get all the accessories.

Razer Edge tablet with accessories

What gamers are most excited about is the custom frame that transforms the device from a simple tablet into a handheld gaming machine, although some tech bloggers have described it as suggestive of a TV dinner tray, we think it’s a great addition.

There are also some complaints about the weight and the size of the tablet, as the hardwear is so advanced and packed with power, the dimensions and size of the device has had to compensate, so don’t expect ultra thin or a futuristic feel to the device, it is fairly chunky and practical.

All a small price to pay to get games such as Skyrim that play smoothly and other heavy duty and graphic intensive games such as Battlefield 3 to run without a hitch.

Razer Edge tablet with an attached keypad

With so much to brag about, the Razer Edge tablet seems to be leading the march towards an ‘all-in-one’ device designed for gamers.

Adam Leach, the principal analyst at IT and telecoms research firm Ovum seems to think so: “I think the problem with this is that it’s a niche market, there’s a lot of R&D effort required and these are high-end machines, but it’s a small segment of the market that will be willing to pay this much.”

Leach went on to add: “This could really appease people who enjoy high-end gaming. They’re not necessarily going to spend a premium on a desktop PC and then more on something portable. This is trying to be the best of both worlds and I think that’s sensible.”

Razer Edge tablet

Trying to be the best of both worlds might not appeal to some people, are there have been some reviewers who have dubbed the Razer Edge tablet ‘the Swiss Army knife’ of game consoles.

In other words, it is a package with everything you’ll need, all in one device. However, as one reviewer described the metaphor: ‘Yes, it’s one package that serves many purposes, but the knife doesn’t cut as well, the scissors are tiny, the saw blade is ineffective and the screwdriver can be finicky.

If it was cheaper, it could be worth the compromise. Right now it’s kind of like buying a gas station multi-tool at Leatherman prices.’

The Razer Edge tablet lands in the UK later this year where it will be the most powerful tablet on the market. It will be interesting to see if people take to it, or stick with their iPads.

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