Rainbow Highlighter is Internet Sensation!

a rainbow highlighter

It is the product everyone on Instagram is talking about – a rainbow highlighter from Etsy seller BitterLaceBeauty.

But if you were hoping to get your hands on one, I have terrible news – THEY HAVE SOLD OUT!

The gorgeous highlighter called PRISM works as either an eyeshadow or a funky coloured blusher.  However, they have been so popular the lady behind the product cannot keep up production.

The indie creation that has got everyone talking is the brainchild of Jenna, who hand makes all her palettes freestyle.

a rainbow highlighter done on coins

Many of her eye colours are vegan, the PRISM is not but they are all cruelty-free.

Jenna started her little empire when she looked at her own make-up collection and saw there was just too much black. Not that there’s anything wrong with black she tells us, but she had 15 or so BLACK palettes!

She wanted something more exciting, more fun, something that showed off her character so she came up with the freestyle palettes.

Jenna thinks that they ‘kind-of resemble jewelry boxes’ and although she originally made them for herself, she decided to let the world enjoy them too.

Thank Goodness!

The rainbow-inspired PRISM has sold out but will be back in Jenna’s Etsy store on 29th April so mark that on your calendar.

What we love about the product is its simplicity and we wonder why no one has thought of it before? It also works on any skin colours, from the palest English Rose to the darkest black. It just looks stunning.

a rainbow highlighter on any skin colour

You can create so many looks with it, an ombre effect with all the different colours blending into one, or you can choose to stick with the blue side or the reds.

As every palette is hand-made, no two will be exactly alike, so the colours may vary very slightly.

Jenna says that you will get all the colours throughout the whole product, but ‘sometimes one or 2 colours dominate at the top of the design’.

However, you can request more of a certain colour and she will do her best to accommodate you.

This highlighter comes pressed in a 44 mm pan and costs $22/£15.

BitterLaceBeauty sells other highlighter shades called Sugar Spun and Mirror Mirror.

For more information check out the Etsy store here or the Instagram page here.

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