Radiator + Storage Units are a Big HIT!

With houses becoming ever smaller, more and more people renting or buying apartments or flats and space at a premium, designers are having to come up with unique methods of storage. And what with material possessions ever increasingly growing, as we pile up the latest updated models of what we already have acquired in our houses, items of furniture that serve a double function are now fulfilling a necessity in our homes. We’ll always need more space but we don’t always have the room so anything that can employ a dual purpose is onto a winner, but they have to also be stylish. One example of this is the Boxes Unit. It is a storage unit and a radiator combined, but it looks as stylish as a modern shelving unit.

Part of the HIT Collection, and designed for Deltacalor, the Boxes Units are in fact created to a simple, minimalist premise, with a slim shape, framed to form a cube of three boxes which hide a radiator within. Made from ultra-clear polymer-methacrylate, they can be placed in any room and used as heating mechanism for towels, a book shelf for the lounge, a shelving unit for pots and pans in the kitchen or even beauty products in the bedroom. Literally, wherever you need extra heating and warmth, and additional storage space, here is your solution. Inside the box unit is a hot water steel radiator that is beautifully camouflaged into a functional and yet decorative piece of furniture for the home. The simple and sleek shape is versatile and the unit is minimalist and elegant. As such it instantly compliments any modern décor. The great thing about the Boxes Unit is that it’s a simple and functional solution for the home. It’s also a superb piece of furniture for small homes because it takes up so little space and yet offers something functional in exchange.

The Boxes Units come in two forms, the Boxes and the Cubes.

The Boxes Units are ideal for a slightly larger room where you have a bigger area to warm, or more items to store. It’s an elegant and minimalistic furnishing complement, full of personality and easy to place within your space, but at the same time remaining an eclectic radiator.

The Cube Units are equally simple and neat in design which allow them to freely move into every room. A steel frame – made out of a single sheet – hides radiant components creating a small shelf where one can put objects or towels, lighted by a soft light effect.

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