Snoring Ring – Put a ring on it if you want to stop snoring!

It’s enough to force couples into separate beds, and causes no end of arguments, we are talking about the dreaded curse of snoring. Men do it, and so do women, and for the partner who is left suffering in silence as their nearest and dearest snorts and splutters throughout the night, resentment can build and build, and even lead to divorce.

So it must come as some relief to learn that a simple device costing only £30 could be the answer to all your worries. The Good Night Snoring Ring is not actually worn on your nose, you wear it on your finger where it applies gentle acupuncture pressure to stop the snorer. So does it work? Well, former BBC journalist Rosie Millard seems to think so.

Rosie Millard and husband Pip Clothier

Rosie Millard and husband Pip Clothier: Picture: Alan Davidson

On her website, Miss Millard says she searched for remedies to stop her husband – Pip Clothier, after he recently began to snore, and prevented her from getting a good nights sleep.

She decided against using tried and tested methods such as nasal strips and mouth sprays, and persuaded her husband, a 53-year-old TV producer, to try the £30 silver device. And remarkably, she says that it worked immediately.

Good Night Snoring Ring

Good Night Snoring Ring

47-year-old Miss Millard, who worked as the BBC art correspondent between 1995 and 2004, said: ‘Mr Millard didn’t always snore. But recently, it’s been a bit noisy chez nous. So, he has tried two things. This is the first. The Good Night Snoring Ring.

‘As you can see, the ring has a little dimple on one side, and a sort of shelf on the other. These are crucial. They are twin acupressure points.

‘Rather like those car-sickness bands which press key positions on the underside of your wrist (and work brilliantly), the snore ring does the same on your finger.

‘Thirty minutes before slumber time, The Snorer should place the ring at the base of his/her little finger with the gap facing upwards.

‘The overall effect is that your partner is suddenly wearing a signet ring. Very posh.

‘If you like this Downton effect, great. If you don’t, never mind. Just turn over and go to sleep. You will not be disturbed.

‘In the morning, the ring comes off. You must not wear it during the day. Who knew?’

However, before you all go out and buy a Good Night Snoring Ring, Miss Millard advises that her husband has also taken up regular cycling, in an attempt to help him lose weight.

Medium Good Night Snoring Ring

Good Night Snoring Ring

Men are said to be the more frequent snorers, with 4 in every 10 men snoring, whilst only 1 in 10 women snore, but around half the population is said to snore occasionally.

And while it could be seen as a irritating habit, it does have more serious health implications, as a recent study from the U.S. suggested that snorers could be more likely to have a heart attack than those people who smoked smokers or were overweight.

And that the condition could lead to thickening of the arteries, which in turn might cause brain haemorrhages, strokes and heart attacks.

The Good Night Snoring Ring comes in Small, Medium and Large and costs £30 from Goodnightsnoring.com. They are also available from Amazon at £19.99. 

Source: MailOnline

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