Pür Minerals: All In One Mineral Makeup & Skincare

Pür Minerals: All In One Mineral Makeup & Skincare

Here at Shoppersbase, we are a big fan of mineral make up, and of companies that take an active role in using pure, natural ingredients, whilst being environmentally responsible. We are happy to report that Pür Minerals tick all these boxes, and a few more.

Pür Minerals don’t see why one product can’t do more than one thing. They started with the premise that a mineral make up could also perform as skincare, and that one serum can do the work of an entire regimen.

Pür Minerals think that you should be able to nourish and condition your skin every time you put on your makeup, so instead of merely masking imperfections, you can be solving your skin complaints whilst you cover them up at the same time.

Pür Minerals: All In One Mineral Makeup & Skincare

Pür Minerals have a product that will suit any skin type, and each of their preparations contains the essential vitamins, nutrients and hydrates that all skin needs to look its very best.

It is these key elements that is in each of their mineral makeup and skin care formulas that result in a multitasking beauty line that delivers flawless coverage and fashion-forward colour, while giving the skin a nutrient-rich workout for a lasting radiance.

And best of all, Pür Minerals products contain NO harsh chemical dyes, petroleum-based oils, fragrance or fillers, just pure mineral pigments and nourishing actives that ALL skin types can enjoy. By combining the finest in technology with the finest in nature, Pür Minerals bridges the gap between mineral cosmetics and full-service skin care.

The first product Pür Minerals bought to the skincare and makeup market was the now infamous 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup, a no- mess breakthrough that left loose powders in their wake.

Now, they have extended their range to include groundbreaking colour formulations with nourishing actives to deliver flawless coverage with skin fitness results. Pür Minerals pressed mineral colour formulations are specially engineered with good-for-your-skin ingredients that not only offer exceptional coverage, but also nourish and condition the skin for a healthy radiance.

And Pür Minerals multitasking skin care products eliminate the need for complicated regimens to keep your beauty pür and simple.But this is only part of the Pür Minerals story; as they are a nature-based brand for women, they have incorporated a policy of giving back to those who make life beautiful and to the world we all share. Pür Minerals are proud to support Go Red For Women ® in Atlanta in the fight against heart disease – the No. 1 killer of women in the U.S.

Pür Minerals have also donated thousands of dollars in product to Dress for Success, a cause that helps disadvantaged women succeed in the professional world. And through Astral Project 800, Pür Minerals employees have personally pledged 800 volunteer hours to local charities in our home community.

And as an eco-friendly company, Pür Minerals are also committed to minimizing their global footprint. By reducing the paper content in their packaging, they now are able to save over 1,000 trees a year. And through cruelty-free product development, Pür Minerals can now offer a beauty line that is completely free of animal testing.

So from skin fitness to social responsibility, look to Min for colour and skin care that not only looks good, but does good.

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