Pumpkin Spice and Galaxy Hair: New Hair Trends for Fall 2015

L:R Pumpkin Spice - Galaxy Hair

L:R Pumpkin Spice – Galaxy Hair

Two new hair trends have hit the salons this season, and they couldn’t be more different.

Say hello to #pumpkinhairspice, a surprisingly flattering hair colour that takes inspiration from the hugely popular Starbucks drink, served at this time of year.

There is also #galaxyhair, more of a New Age hair colour trend, inspired from, well, the colours of the galaxy.

Here’s a round down of each hair trend in more detail:



Forget ginger, carrot top or calling your hair strawberry blonde, this fall redheads are out and proud with a new bright copper-hued shade called Pumpkin Spice.

Catwalks from Milan to New York have been gradually warming up as the season has turned cooler, with a firm emphasis on richer and redder palettes.

Laura Estroff, head colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, New York, spoke to Cosmopolitan, and explained that there is a difference between pumpkin spice and the other copper-based colour doing the salon rounds – gingersnap:

“We’re seeing that pumpkin spice hair has more copper undertones whereas gingersnap tends to fall under the category of brunette with red undertones,” she said.

What is Pumpkin Spice Hair?

Not simply red hair, pumpkin spice hair has deep undertones of orange that are then overlaid with streaks of caramels and warm copper tones. It is the many dimensions and colours that makes this colour quite wearable. And as it is more copper and golden than red, it fits in well with fall hues.

Who can wear Pumpkin Spice Hair?

This colour trend suits those people with a paler complexion. If you think of natural redheads with freckles, people who have pinker skin tones rather than olive or darker skins.

It is important to remember that this hair trend is quite high maintenance as the golden and warmer colours tend to fade faster than deep reds, so you will need regular salon visits.



If pumpkin spice hair is a little too natural for your liking, perhaps Galaxy Hair will inspire you.

Jenny Regec, owner and lead colorist at The Paint Box, a color-based salon in Brooklyn, calls it “fantasy-colored hair.” She told Mashable the look involves “multi tonal hair color flowing from blues, purples, greens, sometimes reds as well as silver tones — typically more pigmented and less pastel.”

What is Galaxy Hair?

Galaxy Hair uses creative inspiration from the universe and takes the colours typically seen in galaxies, the Northern Lights or cloud nebulas. These colours are usually much brighter and artificial looking and tend towards purples, pinks, turquoises, greens and blues.

People post their hair creations on Instagram alongside pictures of the galaxy or picture of space that inspired their colour creation.

The hair trend itself paints these bright colours against a darker background (like space) to create these beautiful works of hair art.

Who can wear Galaxy Hair?

People with naturally darker hair suit galaxy hair as the base of the colour should be darker. So brunettes and those with black hair will look great with galaxy hair.

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