Protecting Your Files

Whether you work from home or simply use your computer for family photos, losing your files is a nightmare few of us would like to experience. Regular backups are a wonderful way to avoid this, but what is the best way to ensure you never find yourself at a loss?

Backing up your files online is one way to do things. You can buy storage space or get small amounts of it for free, and you’ll be able to make sure your files are safe even if your laptop or computer is somehow irrevocably damaged. Some services offer a backup facility, and you can find yourself backing up your files regularly for small amounts of money paid monthly.

Another option you might consider, if you have a friend you can trust or an off-site computer, is Dropbox. A free service, it allows you to link a folder on your computer to a folder on someone else’s (or your own, elsewhere). In order to transfer files to this secondary computer you simply drop them into the folder in question and they sync up to the remote computer automatically. This service is excellent and as it is free it allows you to back up your files for free. However, you’ll need to trust the other person completely, or have a computer of your own off-site.

Finally, the simplest way to back your files up on a regular basis that won’t take forever or require you to rely on others, is by purchasing an external hard drive or other removable media. A DVD-writer, a USB stick, or even a sizeable SD-RAM card can offer easy and portable storage. Just remember to always keep it with you so that you won’t lose it in an emergency, and take advantage of the fact that these methods allow you to update your backups on a daily basis (an important factor for me, as I write every day and my files change significantly on a daily basis).

One of the most common worries for today’s modern man and woman is losing those precious photos, that batch of invoices, or those work files. Don’t be a slave to coincidence; enjoy peace of mind with your choice of backup solutions.

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