Pros and cons of Online Education

Though online education is one of the most popular ways of gaining education where one is being educated as per their own schedule, it is not meant for everyone. Usually online education is taken up by people who stay at remote areas where there is no proper learning environment. The learning environment which the online education system offers is virtual in nature. This article will help us to get a clear idea about the positive and negative effects of this education.

Positive effects of Online Education:- People who have to take care of families and jobs would benefit a lot from this kind of an education system. The courses include Skype conferences, video and audio chatting and other means where doubts can be cleared. Online education is very convenient and also very cost effective. It can be taken up by students who have a computer at home with an internet connection. Students, who live in rural areas, find this kind of an education a boon. You can also work as a part time employee and earn money when you go for an online education. Many of us find it difficult to cope up with the fast paced courses. This is when online education acts as a savior. You can complete your course at your own convenience and you do no have to struggle with difficult courses. The students who study on-campus usually have to spend a considerable amount of money on their education. If one goes for an online education course, then the money spent would be lesser which helps in savings as well. Other hidden savings like saving on parking, bus, petrol, lunch and many more are also associated with the online education system. They save a lot on textbooks and stationery as well.

Negative effects of Online Education:- Online education may be a very convenient system of gaining knowledge, but it fails to address some of the basic needs of the students. Since there is no learning environment, students miss on the benefits of interactive sessions. More students mean more doubts and this helps in the mental development of the child. With no professors present at all times and no competition, the student might falter. Mentorship is very desirable nowadays and online education misses out on this. Online education might make the students narrow-minded and many of them also lack networking skills and opportunities. The most important point is one cannot meet new people and make friends. This has a very negative effect on the students in their future. A lot of students become loners. Another most important factor which needs to be considered here is since the mode of education is online; students need to be tech savvy. Many of them might not be able to afford computers while some rural students might not have regular supply of electricity. This can be frustrating at times and would encumber you to complete your course. Think twice before you take up online education.

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