Proof that Apple is about to release giant 12” iPad?

Leaked pictures of a case that is supposedly meant to show a corner of a new iPad have caused the rumour mills to go into overdrive this week, and it’s all about size.


Although the pictures only show a corner of the casing, it is pretty clear that this iPad is going to be much bigger than its predecessors. The picture was thought to have been taken by an employee who works in a Foxconn factory, where iPads are made.

Experts who have studied the leaked pictures have said that it is larger than Apple’s current iPad, but appears to be as thin as the iPad Air.

The latest picture posted up on a Chinese site called Weibo, and showed a mould for the casing apparently taken at Apple manufacturer Foxconn’s factory in China. It has been estimated by looking at this mould that it would produce a tablet measuring 12” high, 8.7” wide and 0.27 deep.


These latest leaked pictures could confirm the rumours that Apple has been working on a larger iPad, which could possibly be called the iPad Pro, and thought to be manufactured in direct response to dwindling sales of the iPad, thanks to the larger screen on the iPhone 6 Plus.

The larger screen of this smartphone means that there is very little difference between the size of the phablet’s screen, and the smallest of the iPads, the mini.

Not only that but recent studies have shown that people are moving away from tablets as smartphone screens get bigger, so have people started to use their phones for more diverse things. Experts say that many more people are now using their smartphones to read books, watch movies or television, and while they are doing this, their tablets are being neglected.

One such survey by Pocket, an app that lets you save web content to view later, found that people used their tablets 36% less when they had upgraded to iPhone 6 Plus.  And when you consider that iPhone 6 sales accounted for 68 per cent of all sales through September and into early October, it’s no wonder Apple are worried.

Business Insider rendering of what the iPad Pro could look like.

Business Insider rendering of what the iPad Pro could look like.

Pocket researchers explained why people were switching to their smartphones:

‘The bigger your phone’s screen, the more time you’ll spend reading and watching on it, in fact, the bigger your phone’s screen, the more you’ll read and watch as a whole.’

Manufacturing a larger iPad to combat dwindling tablet sales may seem to be a strange sales tactic, but it is thought that Apple are now targeting larger companies through their partnership with IBM, and trying to sell the devices this way.

They could also be focusing their attention on the laptop market, and offering their tablets as a replacement for the traditional laptop, in a similar way that Microsoft are doing with its Surface Pro 3.

Whatever Apple is up to, we are sure to find out in October, when they hold their annual events and send out invitations to release new devices.

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