Project D has Royal Seal of Approval!

When not one but two members of the Royal Family are out spotted wearing your designs, you must think to yourself that you have finally made it in the fashion industry. And surely that’s exactly what Dannii Minogue and her best chum and business partner Tabitha Somerset Webb are thinking, now that Kate and Pippa Middleton have been papped wearing the duo’s iconic print dresses. First snapped by the paparazzi in a Project D design was Pippa, who wore one of the label’s statement bird print dresses at the Wimbledon final featuring Andy Murray, then her sister, the delightful Kate wore a pretty flower print tea dress for the flight home from a visit to the Far East with her husband William. So what is it about this relatively small label that has got royal fans wearing these clothes? Dannii says, “We just make stuff that, selfishly, we love. I design stuff I love, Tabs designs stuff she loves. Somewhere we meet in the middle, sometimes we argue or we both love something. It’s just what we would want in our wardrobe.”

Project D was founded two years ago by Tabitha and Dannii but never really caught the imagination of celebrities until this year. Calling the label ‘as a mix of passion and craziness’, says Dannii, “It was 2010 and everyone told me not to do it because of the financial situation the world was in then. But when you feel it in here [tapping her heart], you have to give it a go. Then, to add to it, in the first year of business I have a baby. In the second year, Tab has a baby! On paper you’d never go near us!” The fact that the dresses look great on any shape or size could be down to the fact that the pair are very different in sizes themselves. Tabitha says, “I’m 5ft 10in, and a size 14, while Dannii is 5ft 2in, but we can both wear our dresses. This gives other women confidence to believe they can wear our dresses and look good, too.” Dannii pipes up, “Tab’s mum, who’s 65, wore the same dress as Pippa, and looked really hot in it. My brother’s wife says she only ever gets compliments when she wears our dresses.” Working in showbusiness has taught Dannii a few tricks, “I’ve learnt a lot about what clothes work from my job. I hate dresses that crease or that you have to be careful in and think about.”And the duo are not adverse to doing a bit of hard work to ensure their label gets off the ground. Dannii recalls, “No one photographed me at 2am before the presentation, unpacking boxes, or panicking about the fact the swing tags were late. Last year I had health issues. I couldn’t move out of Australia, because I had my appendix out, I had a thyroid not working and had to get that all under control. Poor Tabs was having to run the whole show on her own. From now on I will be in and out of London every couple of months. This is my priority.” And she doesn’t just want to now sit on her laurels, despite getting a royal seal of approval, as both she and Tabitha have big plans for next year. They are taking the brand forward to the US and the Middle East with a collection that boasts prints from ‘childhood memories, carousels, fairies, princes’. Dannii sounds excited when she says, “I’ve worked with couture designers, and I’ve learned from them. Being petite, I’ve spent many years having to alter things to make them fit. So you learn about cut.” And Tabitha interrupts, “Forget she’s Dannii Minogue, it’s two best mates coming together to do something they really love.”

The labels success is in no small part down to the fact that women love Dannii and what she stands for. Dannii says, “We’re just women, normal girls, not the coolest on the planet, who go into their wardrobes and think, “I love that dress. It makes me feel good.” That’s all.”

 Photo credits and copyright – Daily Mail

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