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Solarplexius Protective Sneeze Guard, Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Shield for Counters & Transaction Windows, Protection against Coughing & Sneezing (50 x 50 cm)

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Brand: Solarplexius


  • Effective protection cough protection and sneezing protection with slot for documents. Mobile sneezing protection for registration, petrol station, office, law firm, bakery, pharmacy, bank, reception area, practice, doctor, counter, counter, shop table, sales table, counter, counter, cash traffic.
  • Versatile: in a snack, bistro, café, in public spaces, waiting rooms and wherever people contact people.
  • Perfect fit – first-class quality is our top priority. Suitable for use as a counter stand, table stand, counter stand, protective disc.
  • Quick ready. Our spit protection can be set up quickly and easily and is so in exactly where you need it.
  • Box contents: 1x spit guard with base plate. Can be used as gripping protection, hygiene protection, food protection, counter protection, virus protection.