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Sneeze Guard Shield Protection Safety Counter Top Perfection Reception Counter Side Office Reception Droplet Defense

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Color: Clear
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It is a patchwork that can be installed easily when a sanitary environment is required in the scene such as reception window counter etc.

Both risk reduction.
Appeal to safe and secure.
This product is made of resin (acrylic). Do not give a strong impact. There are fears of breakage. Also, please use this product at a place below 50 degrees Celsius. There may be deformation when it becomes hot.
Please do not place in direct sunlight.
When removing dirt, please use a mild detergent (1%) diluted with water and wipe with a soft cloth.
Do not wipe with chemicals such as thinner, benzine, alcohol, etc. Also, do not use chemical soap or aerosol type insecticides. Both cause cracking, deformation and deterioration.

Size:400x400 mm 


Package Include:

  • 1xClear Perfection Reception Counter