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Sneeze Guard Countertop, Clear Acrylic Reception Area Sneeze Screen, Safe standing for Gas Stations 30x90cm

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Brand: AITK


  • ✲ Protection: Protect yourself and others from droplets that fly through the air during normal speaking or accidental sneezing.
  • ✲ Practical: The 10 x 25 cm hatch is ideal for making payments or pushing smaller items through. This process can also be completely contactless.
  • ✲ Application: With the sneeze and spit protection, you show customers and employees that you take care of your health. It is particularly well suited for placement on counters, e.g. in the doctor's office or in the pharmacy.
  • ✲ Structure: The 3-part set consists of the main screen and two feet and can be easily put together in a few simple steps.
  • ✲ Transparent: The sneeze and spit protection is made of transparent acrylic. In this way, it does not impair the field of vision in any way and enables unrestricted communication.
  • ✲ Size: You can also formulate satisfactory products according to your requirements.You can choose between 50 different sizes to meet all your applications.We have more sizes compared to other products.
  • ✲ Service: We offer a 24-hour service that can answer all questions for you.