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Sea Team 6-pack Assorted 18 in 1 Versatile Polyester Fiber Sports & Casual Headwear - Can be Used as Neck Gaiters, Bandannas, Balaclavas, Masks & More

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Brand: Sea Team

Color: A-4


  • AN ALMOST OMNIPOTENT HEADWEAR - This is a kind of amazing versatility headwear which can be used as Fashion Headband, Hairwrap, Neck Gaiter, Bandanna, Bandanna Cap, Pirate Cap, Alice Band, Balaclava, Foulard, Scarf, Neckerchief, Sahariane, Blind Chicken, Mask, Veil, Eyeshade, Face Mask, Wristband, Armband, Tube, etc. You can customize it in more than 18 different ways! Depends on your originality, we deeply believe that the headbands can be used in more ways in your hands!
  • A VERSATILITY HEADWEAR - With outstanding flexibility, thousands of people have used these versatility headbands for yoga, morning jogs, racing, hiking, skiing, riding, fishing, dressing up, etc. Regardless of winter or summer, sport or shopping, these headwear are used widely in daily life.
  • A COMFORTABLE HEADWEAR - This series of headwear is made from 100% Premium Polyester Fiber. It is a kind of microfiber which can provide great breathability, elasticity and mildew-proof performance. Seamless and ultrathin design make the headwear possess ultimate comfort level.
  • A VALUE HEADWEAR - 1+1>18+? The answer is YES! A Versatility Headwear equals a Fashion Headband, a Hairwrap, a Neck Gaiter, a Bandanna, a Bandanna Cap, a Pirate Cap, an Alice Band, a Balaclava, a Foulard, a Scarf, a Neckerchief and more. More importantly than all of that is you just need to place an order to get 6-pack of versatility headwear rather than 1-pack of it! There are also 12 different styles are available.
  • A QUALITY GUARANTEE HEADWEAR - Sea Team is a registered trademark in the United States. All of the products offered through Sea Team are of extremely high quality and 100% quality guarantee. We are committed to providing the best product and service to meet your needs and satisfaction.