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Pro Rider Golf trolley battery 3 pin lead

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Brand: Leisure Pursuits


  • This golf trolley manufacturers original item has been purchased for many years by Leisure Pursuits to not only support our manufacturers golf trolleys that we have sold, but also to support many other similar brands from the same factory. RoHS and Sony compliant. Flexible and flame retardant. Operating temperature to 125c. We unreservedly guarantee this product for 2 years on a FREE replacement basis.
  • Will fit most variants of: Ben Sayers, Bentley, Caddymatic, Hillman, Leisure Pursuits, Offmetrolley, Precision, Proforce, Promaster, Pro Rider, Rider, Stowamatic, 'X'Sports amongst many others.
  • Features: * Colour coded cable with 6mm battery connectors * Industry standard chrome connector * Length to Red 44cm. To Black 35cm