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Lickleys Snow Cone Ice Shaver/Slushy Maker Makes Home ice Drinks, (Black Machine with 6 Flavours)

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Brand: Lickleys


  • ELECTRIC ICE CRUSHER WITH 2 SETTINGS – This Ice Crusher and Slushy Maker crushes and grinds ice to make it perfect for use in your cocktails, smoothies, iced coffees etc. Choose between fine or coarse shaved ice by simply turning the dial on the front of the machine.
  • COMES WITH BUILT-IN STIRRING ARM AND MEASURING JUG – The jug comes with a handy measuring guide that lets you know exactly how much syrup to add for your tasty snow cones or slushies. Pop your ice in to the top of the machine and the crushed ice is shaved into your measuring jug below. The white plastic stirrer keeps the ice constantly moving to prevent it sticking together as well as mixing in your syrups and flavours.
  • GREAT FOR SLUSHIES, FROZEN DRINKS, COCKTAILS ETC -- Use your ice crusher to make all sorts of delicious icey drinks like iced coffee, fruit flavour slushies’ or delicious snow cones. You can also use the crushed ice in smoothies or add it to your summer cocktails for a refreshing tipple.
  • BEST RESULTS – For slushies, always shave ice into the syrup mixtures, use the measuring guides on the jug. For Snow Cones, Shave ice as normal and drizzle syrup directly over ice.
  • Specification: 25 Watts, 220v-240v. Dimensions: Height 31cm, Depth 21cm, Width 19cm, Jug: 1 Litre.Supplied with Uk 3 Pin Plug