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KLOVE Sneeze Guard, Protective Sneeze Screen, Clear Acrylic Shield for Counters, Transaction Windows & Reception Top, Portable Protective Barrier, Protection Against Coughing & Sneezing (A- 50x32cm)

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Brand: KLOVE

Color: A- 50x32cm


  • ✧(≧ω≦*)♪❤❤【VERSATILE】sneeze guard sneeze guard for counter 2m sneeze guard for counter plastics sneeze guard for nails sneeze guard screen sneeze guard for food sneeze guard large sneeze guard for desk sneeze guard countertop sneeze guard clear acrylic screen sneeze guard cough screens sneeze guard countertop sneeze screen for counter sneeze screen for shops sneeze screen large sneeze screen for desk sneeze screen guard sneeze screen stands sneeze screen hanging sneeze screen for counter
  • ✧(≧ω≦*)♪❤❤【MULTIPURPOSE】 - It can be used at offices. REDUCE EXPOSURES to people coughing, sneezing and spraying droplets from their nose or mouth. Will Arrive with Protective Film to Prevent Scratching & Damage During Shipping - Remove to Reveal Acrylic Finish. Safe, shatterproof acrylic. Easier to fabricate than glass. Use multiple sheets side by side to form a barrier at the length that you want.
  • ✧(≧ω≦*)♪❤❤【PROTECTIVE SHIELD 】- Sneeze guard for shielding yourself from airborne contaminants. It can be used wherever there is a need to limit contact with third parties - in shops, banks, grocery stores, reception desks or pharmacies. Transaction window cutout at the bottom allows for an easy transfer of cash, cards, or documents
  • ✧(≧ω≦*)♪❤❤【Effective Sneeze Guard】: Help protect your frontline workers! Lightweight, easy-to-install acrylic distancing barriers designed to help reduce exposure and cross-contamination. Ideal for the protection of cashiers, clerks, agents, receptionists and others interacting with the public. Effective solution against droplets from coughing or sneezing.
  • ✧(≧ω≦*)♪❤❤【REDUCE EXPOSURES】: Help prevent people from coughing, sneezing or spraying droplets from their nose or mouth onto others with a see-through barrier. keep the screen in place - for use on smooth, flat surfaces. Keep your staff and customers safe by creating a protective barrier between them when serving at your shop's counter