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HG Algae & Mould Remover 1L – is a concentrated algea remover and mould remover for patios, paving and walls.

by HG
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Brand: HG

Color: 1 - Pack


  • HG Algae and mould remover removes the well-known grey-green veil, also known as algae build-up
  • This algae remover removes algae build-up from patios, paths, walls, roofs, sleepers, terra cotta pots, gravestones, etc.
  • After application of HG algae and mould remover the algae build-up will be gone within 36 hours
  • Of course, HG algae and mould remover is not harmful to your grass and plants
  • Dilute HG algae and mould remover in a ratio of 1: 20 with water. Apply the solution with a watering can or plant spray
  • An algea remover and mould remover all-in-one
  • Algae remover with concentrated formula
  • Suitable for patios, paving & walls
  • Works within 36 hours; for treatment up to 200m2
  • No effect on plants and grass when diluted