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Garden Sprinklers Lawn Grass 360 Degree Rotating Water Sprayer

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Lawn sprinklers can water lawns, plants, flowers, vegetables, etc.
It can be used as an interesting water sports game for outdoor children. It's very suitable for children to play.
Water spray can rotate 360 degrees to spray, and it rotates in a way that it can better get more lawns.
The high impact sprinkler system is very quiet. It sounds like a spray of light rain and spray.

Material: ABS
Size: 13 * 13 * 23 cm/5.11*5.11*9in
Lawn irrigation, garden irrigation, courtyard irrigation, farmland irrigation, square cooling.
Multifunctional lawn sprinklers can even be used as interesting sprinklers to keep children playing and calm in hot and sunny days.
Wide coverage:
Garden sprinklers are 26 feet to 32.8 feet high, using international standard piping and water pressure (80 PSI).

Different sprinkler modes:
The sprayer garden sprinkler has an adjustable nozzle, which allows you to switch different spray modes to meet your various water spray requirements.
The angle of the automatic rotating arm can be adjusted from 45 to 90 degrees to control the spray speed and direction, take better care of each soil moisture and provide uniform coverage.

1. The sprinkler distance and area depending on the water pressure.
2. Before hanging the sprinkler there or before the head may be blown off, please remember to lift the sprinkler.
3. If you have any questions about connecting several lawn sprinklers, please feel free to let us know. We will send you details.