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FENGSHUAI Bicycle Child Seat, Full Fence Baby Seat,Front Mountain Bicycle Saddle for 6 Months To 3 Years Old Female Baby/Baby Boy

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  • Opening and closing guardrail design: soft guardrail can be opened, and the guardrail adopts thick sponge hose to prevent the baby from hitting the body during sudden braking
  • High practicality: the guardrail can be disassembled. When the baby grows up, the guardrail can be removed for use
  • Portable adjustment: This seat adopts no gear adjustment, adjust the installation distance required by the lock according to different models, making your installation more convenient and faster
  • High stability: double point fixing improves stability, seat double support is fixed, stability is greatly improved, quick release screw is adopted, easy to disassemble
  • Comfortable And Safety: The wide padded seat and backrest ensures a comfortable riding position.The Handrail and Footrest added security for your children's safety