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Female Ladies Urinal Wee Funnel Lets Women Pee While Outdoors, Walking or Travelling - No Need To Use Dirty Unsanitary Toilets Again With The Ladies Portable Urinal Toilet (PURPLE)

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Brand: ZACAL



  • HYGIENIC LADIES URINAL – The Ladies Urinal Is Made From High Quality Silicone Material Which Contains Anti-Bacterial Properties That Allows The Portable Urinal To Be Used Repeatedly Without Rinsing
  • FEMALE URINAL – The ZACAL Female Urinal Is Designed With Wider Sides, Allowing It To Mold To Any Body Shape Easily But Still Strong Enough That It Doesn’t Fold/Collapse While Using
  • FEMALE WEE URINE FUNNEL – The Women's Wee Device Is A Discreet Device That Can Be Used Time and Time Again – For A Lifetime!
  • LADIES PORTABLE TRAVEL URINAL – This Ladies Portable Travel Toilet Is Great Item For Anybody Who Spends Alot Of Time Outdoors, Travelling, On Car Journey’s, At Festivals, Camping, Cycling, Walking, Dog Walking, Hiking And Many More Activities
  • ** IMPORTANT ** The ZACAL Ladies Urinal Will Arrive Flat Packed & May Need To Be Reshaped; 1. Place The Wider End In a Bowl Of Boiling Hot Water For 30 Seconds > 2. Push Your Hand Against The Wider Part Until It’s At Desired Width > 3. Make Sure The Sides Sit Flush To The Body To Prevent Leaking While Using