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ASAB Wardrobe Dehumidifier Bags | Drawers Dehumidifying Sachets | Small Spaces Moisture Trap | Damp Absorber with Crystals | Humidity Catcher | Wet Remover - 2 Pack (6 Bags)

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Brand: ASAB


  • TIRED OF SMELLING MOLD IN YOUR DRAWERS AND WARDROBE? Our mini dehumidifier is compact and finds space in all drawers; moisture is the cause of mould smells, so now you have our closet dehumidifier.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY SMALL SPACE - Use them as wardrobe dehumidifiers, drawer dehumidifiers or cupboard dehumidifiers, or even as a car moisture bag or wherever you need a damp absorber bag.
  • DEHUMIDIFIER SACHETS FOR BEDROOM WITH SUPER ABSORBENT POWER - The dehumidifiers for closet can absorb and trap water up to three times its weight.
  • NO NEED FOR ENERGY - The damp trap works through a natural process and does not require any kind of power supply, and therefore does not even produce any noise.
  • IMPROVES AIR QUALITY, PREVENTS BAD ODOURS - By absorbing moisture, the desiccant dehumidifier prevents the formation of mould with its bad smells.