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50Pcs 130 x 150cm Disposable PE Waterproof Apron Cut Perm Dye Hair Cape Gown Transparent

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Bullet Point:
1. Water-repellent, both can use in barber or at home, cut hair / perm hair / dye hair.
2. If you cut or dye hair at home, maybe often your clothes will get dirty. Some things like colored and broken hair are not easy to clean. Use this disposable cloth before dyeing or cutting hair, you don't have to worry about this problem.
3. After use, it can be wiped clean and air-dry, reused next time, or it can be discarded directly, especially conveniently.
4. In the hairdressing salon, the use of this disposable cloth, even most clean customers will feel very comfortable.
5. Includes 50pcs barber capes for use.

Color: transparent
Style: lace-up
Size about. Approx. 130 * 150 cm/51.18 * 59.05inch(Approx.)

Package included: 
50 x capes