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50 / 100PCS Disposable Waterproof Haircut Cape, Transparent Hair Cutting Capes Salon Shawl, Barber Hairdressing Hair Cape, 150 * 130cm

by Olanra
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Brand: Olanra

Color: 50PCS


  • ✅Disposable Waterproof Hair Salon Capes: Our hair cutting shawls are made of transparent and waterproof PE. Making sure that the person wearing this cape doesn't have to deal with hair trimmings or water. One-time use of materials, free of washing, convenient and trouble-free
  • ✅Hairdressing Hair Cape: suitable for salon, hairdressers working in the barber shop, and also suitable for you to handle hair at home, such as hairdressing hair, dyeing hair, cutting hair, curling hair, perming hair, shampooing hair, etc
  • ✅50/100PCS Disposable Hair Cutting Capes: A pack of 50/100 pcs are included, can be used for a long time. This hair cutting shawl is suitable for adults and children, the size is 150 * 130cm. High quality, low price, suitable for barber shop and family purchase
  • ✅Family Hair Salon Capes : If you own a set of haircut equipment, then this haircut shawl is essential. If you and your family members do haircuts at home, this disposable haircut shawl must be the most convenient and practical. Enjoy happy family time
  • ✅Customer Service: If you have any questions, please contact us at any time. We will reply to you within 24 hours. If there is any problem with product quality, we will refund you