All the Products you need to create the curly ‘Mica’ Hair Style

curly ‘Mica’ Hair Style

Photo: Courtesy of Mica Arganaraz

It used to be that sleek, straight and shiny were the buzz words in salons across the globe, and taming unruly frizz was the aim of the day. But thanks to an Argentine model called Mica Arganaraz, that’s all about to change.

Mica has a mop of what can only be called tousled curls, cascading messily around her face, and she wears this look all the time. It takes us back to those rock chic days of Patti Smith and The Ramones, unabashed joy and carefree pleasure at life.

Certainly not the time to get out a pair of straighteners and besides, who would want to tame those delicious locks?

But be warned, this free and easy look does take some styling. Once it’s done however, you can more-or-less leave it for the day. A quick spritz and tousle with product will keep it fresh-looking.

Who can achieve the Mica curly look?

If you have dead straight hair you’ll probably spend too long getting the curls and once you have, they’ll almost certainly drop out after an hour or so.

This hairstyle is for anyone who has a slight curl or wave in their hair when it is damp. You can capitalise on that wave and accentuate it with products that will keep and hold the curl.

For those with thick hair there are products that separate the curls and make them look more defined and pronounced, rather than a big mess of tangles.

Here are our pick of the products to enhance your natural curls:


  • Philip Kingsley Curl Activator – £19.00

Philip Kingsley Curl Activator - £19.00This is a spray that has a special formula designed to hold your curls and retain shine and improve the texture. Spray on damp hair to define waves.

From: feelunique.com

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer - £16.50This cream uses wheat protein which expands when the hair is wet, then shrinks back when it is dry, locking the curl into place as it does so. It holds the curls, increases the shine and improves the look of the hair. Is said to define curls by up to 57%.

From: Debenhams.com

TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls - £12.50This extreme curl mousse works by smoothing the cuticles which then helps to maintain the shine and the shape of the curl. Has a support factor of 4-5 so your curl shape will be maintained throughout the day.

From: lookfantastic.com


Lee Stafford herE come the CurLs Shampoo - £6.99If you have mad, untameable and frizzy curls then Lee Stafford has designed a range of products to help you out. This shampoo tackles the structure of thick, frizzy hair and makes it softer.

From: Boots.com

OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream - £6.99Argan oil is renowned for adding moisture to dry hair and skin. This blend of oils instantly penetrates the hair shaft and smooths away frizz, adding shine and leaving your curls soft and manageable.

From: superdrug.com

John Frieda Frizz Ease Unwind Curls - £5.99If John Frieda can’t sort out a frizz problem – who can? This product is for those types of curls that simply will not respond to and treatment. It’s for coarse, thick hair that needs some TLC. It loosens curls and transforms then into silky soft waves.

From: ulta.com

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