Print jumpsuit for evening lounge parties

Jumpsuits for women

Jumpsuits for women

Print jumpsuits are a throwback to both the ’70s and the ’80s, when one-piece dressing in flashy prints and designs was a mammoth trend. Can you pull them off well too, especially for the evening lounge parties? Does it complement your body type?

These questions roar into our minds each time a fashion trend from the past creeps in. Not many of us know that the original jumpsuits were simple garments designed to insulate and shield the body from the cold of high altitudes for skydivers and parachute divers.

Today however, the garment has become an important style statement for one and all. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kylie Minogue, Mary Kate Olsen and Rihanna have been spotted wearing these loose, floral printed jumpsuits.

Black halter-neck jumpsuit

Black halter-neck jumpsuit

Famous designers like REBECCA TAYLOR are designing them in fabrics like rayon, cotton and silk to name few. Designers suggest that putting emphasis on the jumpsuit than other aspects is the way to go. You have to keep in mind the accessories complementing your jumpsuit, so that you don’t look too much over the top.

It simply implies to wear it without chunky neck-pieces, belts, hand bags etc. so that your outfit stands out more than your accessories. You can simply throw on a jacket over your jumpsuit to stand out in the crowd. The best colors to opt for are orange, black, and blue, red or perhaps anything that is bright and vibrant.

However, you can also experiment your look in the jumpsuit. You can go with minimal makeup and jewelry while emphasize on your waist line with a belt. For the flawless evening look, I prefer to throw on a stylish watch with my black jumpsuit and I am ready to go! That’s the look for me; have you tried one?

Animal print jumpsuit

Animal print jumpsuit

Well, if you haven’t then it is high time you check it out for yourself, lest you look laid back in fashion. Step into these classy and panache jumpsuits in a modern khaki and black print that keeps you looking great all day long, as those available at ASOS PETITE.

Leopard print and zebra print never seems to die out of flair, especially when it is done precisely in a chic and urbane way. A jumpsuit in animal print, that’s what we can call killing two birds with one boulder. It suits more or less all body types and all age groups as well.

Carrying a big tote in a contrasting color goes perfect for a cool day look. However, you can also go ultra glamorous at night for a lounge party by replacing the tote with a formal black clutch. Teaming up colorful bags can crack the monotonous animal print patterned look and make it look classier.

A jumpsuit in a block printed fabric will also impart an ethnic look to you. You can look cute yet attractive and striking by opting for short jumpsuits, also known as rompers. If you are heavy bottomed, skip the full legged jumpsuits or you will look huge. Rompers are also perfect for an evening lounge party for those of you willing for some skin show.

The actress Hilary Duff was recently spotted wearing one, with a wide and stylish belt. You can check out those available at SPICY HOLIC. The minimal make up complementing the jumpsuit adds modest glamour to the look. Also, no accessories and simply done up hair seems a good option to play it too safe for those of you who don’t want to experiment much with looks. The jumpsuits began its journey as humble work wear for men which now most women love more than any other attire of theirs!

Not to be befuddled with the body-caressing cat suits, jumpsuits are more hassle-free and functional. They are loose and hence perfect for summers. If the long one isn’t the style for you, then you can opt for the knee-length array or even the micro ones as well.

Team it with a hood or a belt for the finishing touch and you are set. These shorter ones work well for pint-sized and shorter women while the full-length jumpsuits look good on taller women. Jumpsuit is a sophisticated version of dungarees and you don’t have to worry much about the fit at all. The print jumpsuits, especially the floral prints are a big trend this summer. Whether teamed with accessories or keeping it simple, it’s the rage among trend setters for now. Overall, the look is neither too casual nor too formal making it a perfect trend this season for all!

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