Prince Charles online exhibition features 130 of his own watercolours

Prince Charles has always professed a love of nature and his surroundings, and has been a keen painter, using watercolours as his medium for many years.

Prince Charles' online exhibition features 130 of his own personally selected watercolours

Prince Charles online exhibition

Now, the public have a chance to see just how good the Prince is, as he has selected 130 of his favourite paintings, where they are available to view online at his website www.princeofwales.gov.uk

The selection of paintings include, as you would expect, scenes from the Scottish Highlands that he loves to spend time in, Royal residences, abstract and still life and overseas visits to Klosters and Africa.

The online exhibition is called Life in Pictures and each painting was personally chosen for the collection by the Prince himself. To date, it is the largest collection to be exhibited by the Prince of his paintings.

The exhibition is quite a revealing one for anybody with or without an interest in art, as it clearly shows the Prince’s progress, from some of his earlier works, with hesitant brush strokes, and minimal use of colour, to a more confident painter, at ease with his talent and ability and enjoying his art, rather than forcing it.

The selection of paintings feature many Scottish scenes, including the rugged landscapes surrounding the Royal estate of Balmoral, in which the Prince painted the mountainous region using greys, blues and off whites to capture the snowcapped hills in the distance.

There are also watercolours which show the Prince’s ability to paint houses and architecture, as he has featured several Royal residences in the collection. Highgrove House and Balmoral are significant within the collection, as if the Prince clearly loved spending time at these estates.

Paintings from some of his more private holidays, such as the time he spent at Klosters in Switzerland, as well as watercolours that he painted whilst on Royal tours overseas in Turkey and Tanzania, give us an insight into the Prince’s more quiet time, and show the reflective nature of the Prince, as he paints scenes from HMS Britannia and the ski slopes.

The Prince has spoken before of his love of painting, and credits his art master at Gordonstoun in Scotland, Robert Waddel, for the passion that he carries with him today.

All profits he generates from his work is donated to the The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation, and he has also founded an arts school, called The Prince’s Drawing School, which attempts to nurture the art of drawing mainly from observation.

The school was founded with esteemed artist Catherine Goodman back in 2000, and it offers tutition to people wishing to learn how to draw.

A spokesperson for Clarence House said: ‘The Prince has been an enthusiastic amateur artist and keen collector and Patron of the Arts for many years. The Prince likes to paint whenever his schedule allows – whether on private holidays, or during a spare moment on an overseas tour – and finds it a most absorbing occupation. These watercolours provide an insight into not only The Prince’s artistic interpretation of his environment, but into his private and public life.’

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