Prince Charles Launches Diamond Jubilee Memorabilia

We are all used to seeing the now over familiar red, white and blue tat that is adorning our streets, our shops and infiltrating our very lives, and the majority of it is cheap tat. But to hear that His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, has now gone and joined this dubious group and has designed and created his very own range of Jubilee memorabilia is, well, a Union Jack decorated cup cake too far in my humble opinion. Unless the range has been executed with taste and decorum, which we shall see in a moment, I’m still very surprised that the Prince has seemingly ‘cashed in’ on mum’s special day. However, as all profits from the sale of the products in his range go to charity, I’m sure he has the blessing of HRH The Queen. So what’s for sale and is it classy or trashy?

First up we have a classic replica of the Queens’ best loved animal, after The Duke of Edinburgh, her corgi. This overpriced stuffed toy, sorry, ‘The ‘Diamond Jubilee Vintage Corgi’, apparently is based on an old pattern created in the Fifties that was a favourite with the Queen. Perhaps that explains the hefty price tag of £60. Described lovingly as, ‘Known for her love of corgis and owning several at one time throughout her life, Her Majesty has become synonymous with this characterful breed. In celebration of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee this charming soft toy has been hand made by British craftspeople, exclusively for Highgrove, from a vintage pattern that was originally created in 1950.

Next up are a couple of cushions, one is a Union Jack cushion, now how many of these have you seen recently? I spotted some in Tescos today for an amazing price of £5.95 each! Not so with these Union Jack ones with the Diamond Jubilee crest from Highgrove will set you back a steep £95, yes, you heard me, £95 each, but if you prefer the design with the words God Save The Queen on it you can save yourself a few bob and get one for £65 each.

If you do not like the cushions, and frankly these flag cushions are so ubiquitous they are starting to look a little over used, why not treat yourself or a loved one to one of these gorgeous £175 mohair teddy bears? You’d have to treat them for that price, mind you they are a limited edition and a collectors item as only 250 were ever made. Also for sale are enamel clocks for £65, coffee mugs for £25, address books for £40 address book and noebooks for £30.

So what do you think of the range? Classy or overpriced tat? Let us know by ‘liking’ us on Facebook and leaving a comment!

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