Pretty, but pretty bad for you, too – High Heels Shoes

Ok, so you’ve walked past a shop window on your shopping day out, and you’ve fallen in love with a pair of skyscraper

high heels shoe - dailymail.co.uk

high heels shoe - dailymail.co.uk

heels. You can visualize how great they’ll look on you, and you’ve already thought of an upcoming occasion you can wear them to. But, although they’re pretty, they’re also pretty bad for you, too.

We all know it’s not great to wear high heels ALL the time, but surely we’re not doing any damage if we only wear them frequently? Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. According to experts, high heels are prone to causeing sciatica, which is when there is a constant pain around the sciatica nerve. This nerve runs from our lower back to our bum, and becomes sore when we wear heels all the time.

When we wear heels, we ted to lean forward slightly, changing our posture. As a result, the weight of our body is then put on our toes, which is of course too much for two toes to handle. The consequence of this is that our heel then gets higher, adding even more pressure to our toes, causing health problems, such as sciatica.

Common symptoms of sciatica include:

  • Pain in the bum or leg, which makes it difficult and often sore to sit down.
  • A burning or a tingling sensation down your leg.
  • A frequent shooting pain up your body.
  • Feeling weak, especially in moving your limbs.

It’s always best to stick to wearing heels that don’t exceed 3.5 cm in height, and to remember that the inside sole of the shoe should be consistent with the natural arch in your foot. If this isn’t the case, an insole will need to be worn with them, to fill the gap.

However, it’s not all bad with high heels, as there are supposedly a few advantages to wearing them, too, believe it or not…

These include:

  • A shoe with a heel size of around 1cm is ideal for those who have circulatory problems, as the increased height helps blood flow around your body.
  • By wearing high heels, your calves are raised, therefore toning your calves whilst you walk.
  • For those who have a really straight spine, which can present similar problems to having a curvy one, wearing heels can help. This is because of the change in posture when wearing them.
  • Wearing heels adds a couple of inches to your height, which is perfect if you want to look taller!

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