How to Preserve the Life of Wooden Garden Gates

You can preserve the life of a wooden garden gate by performing various repairs. This is the process of restoring the garden gate to good working order. The project involves cleaning the gate using water and adding a new coat or stain or paint. Making needed repairs will restore the life and original features of your wooden garden gate.

Clean the Wood

This step will require the use of a power washer. This will take away the top layer of old wood until the original color appears. A power washer works by first connecting it to a garden hose. Attach the tip that you want to use onto the wand. Pull the trigger and the water running into the machine will come out of the wand at increased pressure. Make sure that you stand at least 18 inches away from the gate and then move the wand along the wood. The water will strip the wood and remove and dirt or grime.

Make Needed Repairs

Examine the gate to see if there are any pieces of wood that are loose or split. Secure boards with a new nail or screw. Wood that is split will need to be glued. Apply wood glue to any split areas and secure by using a clamp. Fill in any holes that you see with wood putty. A putty knife is needed to apply the wood putty. When the putty dries, smooth it out by using sandpaper. Wipe off sanding dust with a rag or clean cloth.

Apply New Stain

The first coat of stain should be applied with a roller. Run the roller up and down each board of the gate until they are covered with stain. Run a paint brush over the stain to work it into the wood. Spread stain by following the grain of the wood. Make sure to cover any gaps and the corners. Wipe up any runs and drips before they dry on the wood. Areas of the gate that are hard to reach will require smaller tools that are able to do the job.

Additional Information

If you do not want to use stain, paint is another alternative. When you have finished cleaning the gate, a coat of primer will need to be applied. This can be done with a brush of using a paint sprayer. When the printer has dried, the paint can then be applied to the gate. A second coat of paint may be necessary.

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