Presents to keep you warm and toasty this Christmas

If you happen to know someone who is always cold, lives in a house where the temperature is typically turned up high, and never leaves the house without having several layers of clothing on them, then this post is for you. Christmas is the ideal time to give novelty and practical gifts that can help your frosty friend warm up during the winter months. Here’s our pick of the best:

Outback Battery Heated Socks – £13.99


It’s about time someone invented these, as I often have to walk my dog in snow that then turns to ice, over freezing fields, and the one thing that always suffers, apart from my hands are my feet. I put my wellie boots on the radiators to warm them up but they don’t stay that way for long, What I love about these socks is that they are battery operated and they stay warm for 4 to 5 hours, plenty of time for me to walk my doggie! The socks remain at a super cosy temperature of 39 degrees celsius, and the batteries slot into a little pouch inside the socks. Available from I Want One Of Those.

Outback Battery Heated Mittens – £17.99


Talking about cold hands, when you are out walking your dog, mittens are a great way to keep them warm and a better option than gloves, but now we have these fine options from the same company that does the heated socks. Yes, you’ve guessed it, heated mittens! Using the same battery pack as the socks, each mitten has the battery that heats them up to 39 degrees celsius, and has an on/off switch to power them up. Fabulous! From I Want One Of Those.

Furry Warmers Fully Microwavable Furry Boots was £16.95 now £13.95


This furry boots have been in the news recently, as they are such a simple but effective product. You just heat the boots up in the microwave and you can have toasty warm feet for the next few hours. The boots are filled with wheat grains and lavender seeds which give out a wonderfully relaxing aroma, and the outside is made from a luxurious fabric which is soft to the touch. From Amazon.co.uk

Leopard Hottie Body Warmer – £8.00


This cute little leopard hottie body warmer is just like the furry boots, in that you heat it up in the microwave for two minutes and then you can have instant warmth for the next few hours. The leopard hottie is also infused with lavender and wheat grains so he will relax you into a peaceful sleep. From Topshop.

Hear Muffs – was £15.00 now £10.00


People often forget about their poor old ears when the weather gets colder, but have a look at these ear muffs, they’re not your average run-of-the-mill ear muffs, no, these ones feature a built in headphones. They also sit at the back of your head, which makes them a lot more comfortable. Connects to your iPod/iPhone/Phone/MP3 player or anything with a 3.5mm headphone jack. From John Lewis

Heated Mouse – £19.99


Do you suffer from Raynauds Disease, or have permanently cold hands, even when touching something that is typically not that cold, like a computer mouse? Well HotMouse have come up with a solution, the first heated mouse. You can use the mouse either way, heated up or not, so if your hands are always cold because you touch your mouse, it makes sense to heat the mouse up! Buy from HotMouse.co.uk

Peacock Handwarmers – £26.99


These handwarmers are a great present for dads as they look remarkably like Zippo lighters. This re-usable platinum-catalysed glass fibre burner gives constant warmth for a full day with just one fill of fuel. You can even use it in extreme cold -40c and it produces five times as much heat as a disposable warmer. It is ideal for anyone who participates in winter sports and outdoor work of all kinds. Available from Peacocks Handwarmers

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