Preparing Your Home for Winter

Winter is lurking just around the corner, and in these damp and blustery days it seems that corner is ever so close-by. You’ll want to spend your winter feeling warm and cosy in your home, so preparing your house for the cold weather is imperative. But where do you begin?

Generally speaking, your heating won’t be on at all during the summer. Many people find that their radiators end up covered in stuff – blankets, furniture, and other such things end up blocking the radiators.

When you turn them back on, these items will block the heat from leaking into the rooms and you will get far less benefit from your heating system than you should. So move back any furniture and store items hung ‘temporarily’ over your radiator to ensure you can enjoy the warmth it exudes as much as you should be able to.

Windows, even double-glazed ones (and even ones from Everest) lose a lot of heat. It seems inevitable, but where you have a winter, and a summer wardrobe there is no reason not to have a winter, and a summer set of curtains. Thicker curtains can help you keep the heat in and the cold out, and it’s a work of minutes to change them come spring so you can bring more of the outside in. Thermal blackout curtains will suit you best; stay away from blinds, which have gaps through which heat can leak away.

If you have any leaks or other water-related issues, you need to resolve them before winter sets in. Water can be exceedingly destructive, especially if it finds its way into nooks and crannies, freezer, and expands. This can cause surprisingly large amounts of damage, so clean out your gutters and sort out any leaks or drips you might have an issue with.

Drafts are equally a bad idea. Not because they will break the house down, but because you’ll be losing heated air and letting cold in. Especially during windy days, this can bring water into your home and even attract wildlife looking for a warm place to hide. If you feel a draft, follow it back to its source and resolve it as well as you can before the real winter cold sets in.

Preparing your home for the winter is an important part of the autumn. Don’t wait any longer; start getting ready for the cold season right now.

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