Preparing Your Home for an Emergency

Emergencies happen, and being prepared for that eventuality can help to make them into far less of an issue. Get your home ready to cope in case of emergency and put a stop to those sleepless nights wondering ‘what if?’

Having emergency numbers on the fridge and posted by the phone will not only help you cope but can also help any children to remember what they should do if something should happen when you’re not around. Procedures in case of a fire, an accident or a criminal event are a good idea; print them off and keep them near the phone and at least one copy on every floor of your home.

Smoke detectors are important, and you’ll need to make sure your home has plenty of them on every floor. Your local fire department may be able to provide you with free smoke detectors, so look into that. Make sure your children know what to do and how to act if the smoke detectors go off; stress the calmness and make sure you don’t make the event out to be a frightening or painful issue as this is likely to lead to panic in the event of a fire. As panic is the enemy of efficiency, you want to avoid that and if an issue should arise you should strive to remain calm. Have evacuation routes memorised, too, in case you need to leave your home.

Keeping a chest freezer full of food in the garage along with a large quantity of bottled water is an excellent idea, especially if you live somewhere where being snowed in is a distinct possibility. Places such as Farmfoods,Fulton’s orIcelandcan furnish you with a plentiful amount of frozen foods including vegetables and potato products which you may be able to use in case of an emergency.

If someone should behave in a threatening manner towards you or anyone in your family, be sure to file a police report. The police will not necessarily be able to do anything as long as the action hasn’t been criminal in its own right, however having the report on file will help you build a case should the situation worsen, and you’ll be able to count on the police to already know what’s going on.

Finally, be sure to buy some emergency clothes and leave them with a friend or family member in case you should have to leave your home in an emergency. This can also come in handy should you unexpectedly need to spend the night, and while it may smack of paranoia it will be a godsend should you actually end up needing them.

In case of an emergency, being prepared is the best way to cope both on a physical and an emotional level. Get your ducks in a row in advance and you could minimise both the damage done at the time and the trauma of the following days.

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