Preparing Your Child to Make the Most of School

School is something all children have to cope with, and bullying, school dinners, and scratchy uniforms are all part of that. But how can you prepare your child to make the most of school, working towards a future that often seems unreal to them and doesn’t matter to your kids as much as it matters to you?

One way to help your child achieve at school is by having an educational environment at home. Children who go into Reception already knowing their numbers, colours, and alphabet are children who have a head start on their peers. Any toy shop worth its salt will sell educational toys, with your child’s favourite characters on them or in bright engaging colours. Don’t overdo it, however; forcing the issue is likely to make your child rebel. A lot of children’s cartoons such as Dora the Explorer and Team Umizoomi have educational overtones, and a DVD could be an excellent way to keep your child entertained whilst also educating them at the same time.

A child with good verbal skills is a child who will find it easier to follow lessons. Talking to your child incessantly throughout the day is a great way to encourage the development of good language skills and will have only positive results for your child’s future. Discussing activities you undertake together such as brushing teeth, getting dressed, and walking to the shops will help your child develop a working vocabulary as well as providing opportunities to practice colours and numbers easily. You’re also providing your child with a linguistic framework from which to view the world, which can help with communication and eases frustration.

Finally, the stay at home mum is often hailed as the ideal parent nowadays. But taking your child to playgroup or even enrolling him or her at a local nursery for a couple of sessions every week is an amazing way to help them develop socially, which will be invaluable once school starts and getting along with other children becomes an essential skill. It can also provide learning experiences that focus more directly on the educational world, which gives your child that little leg up, too.

Providing your child with a head start by the time they start Reception is an excellent way to help them get the most out of school. There are many little ways to nurture his or her mind and help him or her prepare for a successful school career.

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